Yung Berg Brushes Off Chain Snatching, Says He’s Got Plenty

By Miles Bennett  |  09/19/2008

Yung BergSince getting attacked and robbed of his chain in Detroit last month, rapper Yung Berg has been quiet about the situation. He recently commented on the attack, though, in a YouTube interview with RealTalkNY, but didn't get into any specifics, brushing it off as "it is what it is."

"What happened in the D, happened in the D," Berg said. "I love ya'll for making it happen in the D because ya'll showing me that ya'll inspire to be big. Whoever it is ... I don't even know who it is and I personally don't care because at the end of the day, all I'm out here to do is make hit records and do my thing, and get my money. You know what? It is what it is. Karma's a bitch."

As far as his enormous Transformers chain that he was alleviated of, he chalks it up as the price of fame, adding that he's got several more to replace it.

"I got plenty chains. We ain't sweating none of that," the rapper explained. "Jewelry, we not here to big up nothing. We hear to inspire everybody."

"Shoutout to the boy Bow Wow. The price of fame, that's what it is," he continued.

Yung Berg went on to brag about the success he's experienced because of singles such as "Sexy Lady," "Sexy Can I" with Ray J, and his latest "The Business," which he boasts is currently the no. 1 ringtone and download at Sony.

Despite all the success though, Berg has received a lot of hate from blogs, and some fans. He compares the criticism and hate to being the new kid in high school everyone is jealous of.

"The industry is like high school, and I'm the new dude who just flew into the school, got crazy swag, and showing and proving right now. Get used to me 'cause I'm here and I'm gone be f***ing your bitch," He concluded.

Yung Berg's debut album, Look What You Made Me, is in stores now.