Dubb Union: Not Just A West Coast Thing

Dubb UnionLos Angeles is a city that has birthed some of the greatest minds and voices that hip-hop music has ever bared witness to. It has given us artists like Dr. Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube, The Game, and so many more that it’s almost impossible to name them all in a single sitting. But the great hip-hop music that L.A. has given us is not the only tradition that’s been created by the people of the City of Angels. Contrary to its nickname, Los Angeles has a storied history of its own people being divided within the city limits for numerous reasons, whether it’s black vs. brown, or set vs. set, L.A. is known nationally for its internal beef.

But that’s not to say that L.A. doesn’t also have its good points too, that aren’t as well known outside of the city limits. Dubb Union is one of the many bright spots for Los Angeles. They are a new talented group consisting rappers from across the city. Members Damani, Bad Lucc, and Soopafly are in a unique situation that many groups wish they had. They have the backing of one of hip-hop’s icons, in Snoop, and they steadily been creating a crazy buzz in a city that can make or break many artists. With the support of the big homie and the people of Southern Cali, Dubb Union seem poised to be the next big group to blow out of the city, and they’re determined to show that they’re not your typical West Coast rappers.

BallerStatus.com: For someone who hasn’t heard of the group, explain who Dubb Union is?

Damani: Dubb Union is formerly Western Union. But basically it’s a group that consists of Soopafly from Long Beach, Damani from Inglewood, and Bad Lucc from Watts. The concept of the group came up because basically I was just tired of like having the same old look as far as how people come out on the west coast. So I was just trying to do something man. Ya know, you couldn’t name em, you got dudes from different parts, but they together, and that’s never really happened. Like Lucc being an aggressive spitter, Soop being spitter/gangster spitter and me, ya know, just doing what I do. And it’s just different, so we put it together and here we are.

BallerStatus.com: Where did the name of the group come from?

Damani: I came up with the name Western Union and it was just a concept. I didn’t have no members yet, so as time went on I was kinda looking for members and then I ran into Badd Lucc at the studio and I told him about the concept and he was with it. It started right there. So I think one of the first things I did with him was mixtape with just me and Lucc or whatever, and then the next thing I told him was Soopafly was getting into the group and that Snoop was taking interest in us and us taking off from there.

BallerStatus.com: How did each of you guys meet Snoop?

Damani: Soopafly was very involved with snoop, ya know? They been working together for years, and I know Soopafly from working with him on the Kurupt album on the song “Hate On Me” off of Space Boogie. That’s how long I’ve been knowing Soopafly, and Soopafly brought Snoop to the table.

BallerStatus.com: What separates Dubb Union from other rap groups?

Bad Lucc – What separates us is we better than everybody.

BallerStatus.com: Because you guys have the backing of someone like Snoop does that put extra pressure on you?

Soopafly: Snoop is really a big homie, and when we say “big homie,” I mean like when I describe Snoop I feel like this Snoop is like the richest n*** that lives on your block, like that’s what Snoop is. So he makes you feel very comfortable. I’m saying like “damn,” like that’s just the homie, so you don’t feel no pressure. I know the n**** is like an icon, legendary dude like, but really as far as us, he lets us do our thing and really has faith in us to let us work. We’re really at ease about that.

BallerStatus.com: So when is the album coming out?

Bad Lucc – It dropped September 2nd.

BallerStatus.com: Who do you have working on the album?

Damani: As far as production, we got Soopafly, Hi-Tek, Warren Campbell — Grammy Award winning producer Warren Campbell. As far as the features, we didn’t get any rap features because pretty much I mean how do you come in after us? We just have like a couple of singers like BJ, who’s on the Western Union single. We don’t have a lot of features, but as for production we going heavy.

BallerStatus.com: Do any of you guys have solo projects planned for the near future or is it all about the group right now?

Soopafly: Yea right now, we just focused on the group man. You know n****s who have 50 hustles in an interview, that’s not us. Western Union is right now pimp. Anything that comes out after that, that’s the fashion it’ll come in, that’s when I’ll speak on it. But for right now, Western Union man, Dubb Union that’s what it is.

BallerStatus.com: Tell people why they need to go out and get the new album.

Soopafly: We got a whole album, full of quality hits. I mean, not just hits for the West Coast, we got music for the whole world to listen to and that’s exactly why people should get it. It’s not the same old sh**.

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