Soulja BoyTeen rap sensation, Soulja Boy Tell Em, recently announced the signing of White Tee to his Stacks On Deck label — the first white rapper on the roster.

Soulja Boy made the official announcement while in Las Vegas for the Magic fashion tradeshow this week, where he was promoting his new line of sneakers with Yums Shoes.

“I want to introduce you to the newest artist of S.O.D. Money Gang Entertainment,” the rapper said from the Yums booth. “He goes by the name of White Tee, if you ain’t heard of him, you’ve been under a rock. His album is coming. 2009. First single droppin’ at the end of 2008 on iTunes. Get the ring tone.”

Soulja Boy founded his S.O.D. label in 2004, under Interscope/Collipark Music labels. His roster currently includes rappers Arab, Jbar, and now White Tee.

In other Soulja Boy news, the rapper’s official pages on MySpace and YouTube — both of which boast hundreds of thousands of views and friends — were hacked. The hacker messaged the rapper in hopes of extorting money, but Soulja Boy didn’t give to the threats.

“My sh** got hacked,” Soulja Boy said in a video blog posted on Monsay (August 24). “N****s send me a message on MySpace saying ‘I got your sh**, send me $2,500 is you want it back.’ I texted him back ‘F*** you bitch, do what you do.’ After that, he deleted all my sh**. I was like, ‘Well damn, the n**** wasn’t bluffing.'”

After losing control of his MySpace page, the rapper’s label contacted the social networking site, who reset the passwords and returned control back to Soulja Boy.

However, as far as his YouTube page, Soulja Boy was able to get his page back, thanks to a fan. Once the rapper told the hackers he wasn’t paying, they send messages to all the rapper’s friends, giving away his passwords for free.

One fan, a 12-year-old, got a hold of the passwords and locked the rapper’s YouTube page, so no one would do any further damage.

“He locked it for me. He was like ‘Soulja Boy, I’m your fan. I didn’t wanna f*** up your YouTube page,’ the rapper said.

Needless to say, Soujla Boy’s social networking pages have been recovered, and he’s back to posting blogs and videos.