Suge KnightDeath Row Records founder Suge Knight posted bail Wednesday night (August 17), and was released from Las Vegas jail after being charged with felony assault and drug charges.

According to the Associated Press, 43-year-old Knight posted $19,000 bail, and is expected to appear in Las Vegas Justice Court on September 26.

Knight was arrested at around 6:40 a.m. Wednesday morning after police arrived at the scene of a minor traffic accident, and found the one time powerful music mogul standing over a woman hitting her and brandishing a knife.

Authorities say the woman was not stabbed, but was treated at a nearby hospital for injuries — none life-threatening.

TMZ reports that the woman’s name is Melissa Isaac, long time girlfriend of Knight. In a police report obtained by the site, Isaac is said to have wound up naked when police found her, but has no idea how that happened.

Isaac says that her and Knight were headed to the Spearmint Rhino strip club when Knight received a call from another woman. This angered Isaac and the two got into an argument, resulting in Knight punching her in the head, causing their vehicle to hit the curb.

When she tried to flee, Knight “caught up to her and tossed her to the ground … [and] repeatedly kicked and punched her.” This is when she blacked out and woke up naked.