Lil Josh & ErnestLil Josh & Ernest has infiltrated the music scene in Louisiana with their Jigga Juice Movement. Although their talent has captivated all of the young people in their hometown, their journey to this point wasn’t meticulously planned. As Lil Josh grew up in the hood, he found an escape through music that has successfully challenged him to strengthen his craft. Inspired by the success of moguls like Sean “Diddy” Combs and Jay-Z, Josh constantly worked on his craft as he rapped at local parties. Ernest grew up in a two parent household with aspirations to play basketball while admiring his favorite rapper Tupac for his storytelling talent. Meeting for the first time playing basketball one day, the duo didn’t realize what would later evolve out of their friendship. If it weren’t for Ernest’s uncle Beelow seeing how compatible they were in music, Lil Josh, 17, and Ernest, 18, wouldn’t be where they are today.

Lil Josh and Ernest’s Jigga Juice Movement has captivated the youth all over with kids creating YouTube videos and showing the world how to Jigg. With the infinite amounts of YouTube videos and a remix of their hit song “Jigga Juice” featuring Hurricane Chris and Diamond, these two talented young men are making their music hard to ignore. BallerStatus wanted to get to know these two young rappers and to dig a little deeper into their Jigga Juice Movement. Where are you guys from?

Ernest: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. How did you guys meet?

Lil Josh: I was rapping with Beelow and Ernest, and I just met him as we were growing up hanging around his uncle. As time went on, we started rapping with each other. First I was just rapping, then Ernest joined in and then we started rapping together. So when did you guys take it seriously?

Ernest: We always taken it serious, but we just have been doing songs that have been hits down here locally. “Jigga Juice” was just the first song that really hit and it just popped off. So “Jigga Juice” is catching wind to everybody. It’s has a lot of YouTube hype around it with girls making their videos to it, how do you guys feel about that?

Lil Josh: It’s a really good feeling seeing someone making a video off your own song. What is it Jigg’n all about? What does it mean?

Ernest: Jigg’n has been a thing down here for a long time, but the grown ups and a lot of people might think “Jigga Juice” is about drugs. “Jigga Juice” is not about the drug, it’s an energy drink and we just dance and have fun. It’s our way to just Jigg and instead of having to be on the drug and we just Jigg being on Jigga Juice the drink itself, or just Jigg’n and having fun dancing and having a nice time. Do you think a lot of parents have a negative perception of “Jigga Juice?”

Ernest: I don’t really think so because I see a lot of parents listening to our music and having fun, but [there are] people trying to lead them into thinking it’s about [the drug], but we are trying to make sure it doesn’t happen now. You guys are obviously new talent coming into the business, what do you feel like you bring to the table?

Lil Josh: I feel like we are going to bring a lot of energy to the table, we going to keep the game hype, and bring the Jiggin’ Movement to the table. Jiggin’ is a lifestyle, it’s a movement and we are trying to take it big to the next level. That’s what we are trying to bring into the game — Jiggin. What artist would you like to work with?

Lil Josh: I wouldn’t mind working with Sean Kingston on a track because he’s doing his thing right now and he’s young too. Juelz Santana, too. Would you prefer to work with younger people, or would you be open to work with older people?

Lil Josh: We can work with older people; it really depends on whoever is doing their thing. I wouldn’t mind working with younger people or older people, it really doesn’t matter. We’d work with anybody. How did you guys hook up with Hurricane Chris?

Lil Josh: Through our label, him showing us a lot of love, him listening to the song and liking it and just showing love. Have you guys traveled at all yet with the hype of your song “Jigga Juice?”

Lil Josh: Yeah we traveled; we’ve been a few places with it. The few places that you’ve visited, which one would you say was your favorite?

Lil Josh: Right now at this moment, the place I had the most fun off the Jigga Juice Movement — I’d have to say down here in Mississippi. Mississippi shows a lot of love out here at the moment. How has your family taken this all in? Have they supported you at all?

Lil Josh: Yes ma’am, our family is behind us 100%. They like what we are doing. They don’t think anything bad about what we are doing because they know — they like what we are doing. Any plans for college?

Ernest: In the future, yeah.

Lil Josh: Everything that we are doing is paying for college. What is one of the things you want to accomplish in your music career that you feel nobody has done yet?

Ernest: I wouldn’t say nobody has done yet–

Lil Josh: Longevity. You could be here and gone [tomorrow]. We want to be in it. Have you guys learned anything so far since you’ve been getting a lot of attention so far in your hometown and the southern hemisphere?

Ernest: I learn something new about this every day, man. It’s so much, I learn so much every day. Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes?

Lil Josh: No. I get to be me every day. You’re not letting the girls take you over, are you?

Lil Josh: Oh no, can’t do that. Do you want to say anything to your fans?

Ernest: We want to thank our fans for their support. We love them and go vote our video on 106 & Park! “Jigga Juice!” You can go on our YouTube ( and MySpace ( and check us out constantly and daily.