Trick Trick and Yung Berg

2008-08-26 - Trick Trick and Yung BergFollowing the nightclub assault of rapper Yung Berg in Detroit over the weekend, which resulted in his chain getting snatched, many people have speculated whether the city’s own Trick Trick was involved.

Although it was previously reported that Trick was not involved, rumors allege that Trick Trick may have orchestrated the incident.

During an interview over Virginia radio airwaves this week, Trick gave his account of what happened, making it clear that he had no reason to attack Yung Berg or steal his chain. In fact, he claims that he didn’t even know what the young rapper looked like prior, finding out after the fact.

“I saw a fight breaking out, I went over there and broke it up. I found out later that that was [Yung Berg] on the ground that they was working on,” Trick Trick said. “I’m like ‘Woah, fall back. Put him out.’ Because I have ties in the club where it happened at. I’m like ‘No fighting, just put him out, leave it alone.’

“I didn’t even know that was him on the floor. I went over there and broke it up, like ‘Stop, hold on, take him outside.’ They was like ‘That’s him, that’s him.’ Well, ‘Ok, take him outside, whoever him is,’ ” he continued.

According to the Detroit rapper, he was actually sitting at the bar, having a conversation with Berg’s bodyguard at the time of the assault, and in no way was involved in the fight.

“I never touched that boy, but the bottom line is that it’s all about respect. When you come to Detroit, you gotta have respect or be respectful, but that’s anywhere,” Trick explained.

As far as where the stolen chain is now, Trick said that “he heard” that if Berg wants to retrieve his chain, he “needs to call Bow Wow.”

Yung Berg has yet to comment on the attack, as of press time.