K-Ci and JoJoRumors of drug use by K-Ci and JoJo ran rampant across the internet on Monday (August 25) after a video surfaced of a performance in Sydney, Australia, in which JoJo is seen collapsing on stage.

Once it showed up on several websites, bloggers and fans speculated about possible drug use as the cause. However, that’s false, according to K-Ci, who called into New York’s Hot 97 radio station to clear the air.

In the on-air interview, JoJo biological brother K-Ci, explained that his sibling is epileptic, and had suffered a seizure before getting onto a plane to Australia. While K-Ci was concerned, JoJo brushed it off, and the duo made their way to the country for the performance anyway.

“In case people don’t know — and I’m bringing it public right now — my brother JoJo is epileptic. He had seizures,” K-Ci said over New York airwaves. “Not trying to make no excuses for anything, we did an over an hour show. … We started to cancel the show ’cause he had a seizure the night before we had to get on the plane.

“We did a 20-hour flight, man, then had to go straight to the stage. I knew my brother was gonna get sick,” he continued.

In the video footage of what took place, K-Ci is seen continuing to perform while his brother laid still on the stage. K-Ci says that as a part of their stage show, JoJo actually “acts crazy” when they break into their song titled “Crazy,” which he was expecting. However, after JoJo collapsed, K-Ci says he knew something was wrong, admitting he was very concerned.

“In a part of our show, when we doing ‘Crazy,’ JoJo act like he crazy on stage,” K-Ci explained. “I’m used to that, but that night, it wasn’t crazy. So, I’m like ‘There he go.’ But when I look at him, from the back of my head, I’m like ‘Oh, my brother … is not crazy.’ I got scared. Don’t nobody think about how I felt? That’s my brother … I’m like ‘Yo, this is for real, this isn’t a part of the act right here.'”

As far as rumors of drug use, which resulting in JoJo fainting onstage, K-Ci called the gossip “ridiculous,” making it clear that he and his brother do not participate in any kind of drug use besides a little drinking.

“People try to say we on drugs? Come on man. We not on no drugs, come on now,” said K-Ci. “… Ain’t nobody on no drugs. Don’t get it wrong now, we do drink our Moet and Cristal. Don’t get it twisted. When it come down to get to work, we love our fans.”

K-Ci revealed that his brother is doing fine after the scare, and the pair will continue with their scheduled performances in Australia, starting Tuesday (August 26).

“JoJo was sick. He’s getting his rest right now. He’s much, much, much better,” the singer said.