Donny GoinesFirst and foremost I want to announce to ya’ll that I took home a UMA this year in the “Buzz Factory” category. I want to personally thank the staff and readers of because they are one of the many entities out there who helped contribute to my buzz. From me to you, thank you for all your love and support. I am truly grateful to have it.

Many artists I happen to come across in this game really have this “false sense of entitlement” issue that really disturbs me. They feel as though the world owes them something, when in reality it’s actually quite the opposite. Just because they’ve done certain things they feel as though people should kiss the ground they walk on and display this smug sort of arrogance. I watch and listen to them in interviews, performances, venues, etc. and they walk around with their noses in the air as if everyone else around them are peasants and they should be honored by their presence. When people approach them and give them compliments many can’t even respond with a simple thank you. Be weary of this attitude if you ever feeling it coming on.

I’m always saying thank you to people. I can’t help it really, it was just something that was instilled in me a long time ago and it’s second nature to me at this point. Doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture, I am always grateful no matter what because honestly no one has to do anything for me at all. It doesn’t matter how many websites and blogs I’m on, who’s producing my album or how many awards I win. When it’s all said and done no one, I repeat, NO ONE has to lift a finger for me. Even if I was paying them or they were indebted to me somehow, they still don’t have to because God gave us all free will and we all have the choice to act or not to act. I am very aware of this fact, so when anyone does anything for me I show them my gratitude. I am very appreciative of any gesture because I know that they don’t have to and THAT’S the reason why you should be as well. Remember this blog if you can’t recall any of the other ones, because this will make or break you, trust me. Always be grateful and count your blessings.

Those same types of artists I was referring to earlier will probably read this blog and blow me off. That’s fine though and it’s expected. Some people are just ungrateful but you know what? I didn’t have to write this blog either. Think about it.

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