Mike Jones, Trae Involved In Altercation At Ozone Awards

Mike Jones and Trae The Truth

2008-08-12 - Mike Jones and Trae The TruthIf you haven’t read it on the blogs already, Houston rappers, Trae The Truth and Mike Jones, were involved in an altercation on Monday night (August 11) in Houston, during the 2008 Ozone Awards.

While there are several versions of what happened, both men have spoken out about the incident, telling their sides of what took place. The altercation occurred backstage, where both men were seen talking, escalating into a scuffle, resulting Mike Jones getting punched in the face.

According to Trae, he approached Mike to confront him about his lack of representation for the city of Houston, and his gripe with calling himself the president and/or Mayor. Trae feels he doesn’t deserve that title, and those feelings spilled over into the Ozone Awards ceremony, resulting in a fight.

“He got it. He got it for running his mouth too much man,” Trae explained in a YouTube video, following the incident. “The point is, don’t come disrespecting the city. You don’t even ride for the city. When people was sh**ting on Houston, like Houston done fell off, that n**** ducked up, curled and went some where. I stayed fighting, like ‘N**** this H-Town.’ Everybody respect that about me. That’s why they put me at the forefront of this city bro.”

While Trae explained specific reasons for his beef with the rapper, Mike claims that he wasn’t aware, prior to the run-in, that there was even a rift between the two.

“Not that I know of,” Mike replied when asked Houston radio personality, G-Man, if there was any conflict with Trae prior to the Ozone Awards incident.

During a call into G-Man’s show on Houston radio station 97.9 The Box Tuesday morning (August 12), Mike explained his version of the altercation, claiming he was sucker-punched.

“I went to Ozone Awards with family. I went with my whole family — My mama came with me. I wasn’t coming on no stuff like that. [Trae] walked over there and shook my hand man. ‘What’s up bro?’ I said, ‘What’s up?’ Then he talked to me about what I said on G-Man’s show. He mad ’cause I call myself the President,” he said.

Mike says this is when it turned ugly.

“He said ‘I don’t like how you on the radio saying how you the president.’ When he said that, I was like ‘Damn dog, I didn’t say nothing about you,’ but I said ‘Right here ain’t the place.’ Alright, alright. I turned around, he turned around. Next thing you know, he tried to hit me from behind,” Mike detailed.

When G-Man explained that Trae felt he doesn’t give back to Houston, Mike argued his case. “Why you hating because of what I’m doing? How you gone say I’m not giving?” Mike asked. “When everybody from Katrina came down here, when everything happened, I gave The box $30K, and they gave a $1,000 to each kid.”

“I ain’t trying to compete with nobody. I’m doing my own thing,” he added.

Despite the incident, the Ozone Awards continued without any further problems, and featured performances by Shawty Lo, B.O.B., Too Short, David Banner, Big Boi, Webbie and Lil Boosie.

T-Pain, Young Jeezy, David Banner, DJ Khaled and Rap-A-Lot CEO J. Prince took home honors.

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