Lil WayneReports surfaced across the internet, via blogs, Monday morning (August 11), claiming that Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter died in a car accident Sunday night. However, those reports have been proven false.

Once the rumors spread, hundreds of fans flocked to the rapper’s MySpace page, sending their condolences. One, in particular, came from a person claiming to be Reginae’s aunt, who debunked the claims.

“It is merely a rumor started by someone who obviously is miserable in their own skin that they would even have the notion to attack a child,” the poster wrote.

“Rest assured Reginae is tucked away in her bed at this very moment trying to get past the hurt this ugliness has caused her and our family,” they continued.

A rep for Wayne’s label, Universal Records, also confirmed that the rumors were false and stated that the 8-year-old is fine.

Reginae is Wayne’s child from his first marriage to his high school sweetheart, Antonia “Toya” Johnson.