Donny GoinesThe other day I called my friend Ariel (who is also my main engineer) and spoke to him about some problems I was facing. At times I tend to become discouraged because I feel like I limited in the things that I can do musically, due to a lack of resources. When I think about these things, it’s hard to concentrate on the goals at hand and I lose sight for a moment on what’s important. After speaking to him though, I felt a little relieved and was back on grind as usual. Sometimes I have to vent in order to keep my sanity.

Many people vent in different ways. Most musicians tend to write, some use drugs or alcohol (not a good suggestion), others use the opposite sex (good depending on who you’re with haha), so on and so forth. But the bottom-line line is you need to let it out sometimes or you will drive yourself crazy in the process. This game is a stressful one. Thinking about it now, I wonder why we refer to it as a “game” because it’s far from that. I’ve seen people go nuts chasing this dream and I’ll be damned if I end up a basket case trying to become an artist, haha. When you become stressed out, it can be hard for you to concentrate on your music. Your mood will affect your train of thought and won’t allow you to interact with people the way you should and overall it will just simple distract you.

Here are some suggestions to cope with these issues.

When you need to vent, you should try to do it in a healthy manner. Usually speaking to a good friend, peer, or even a complete stranger can do the trick. Sometimes you just need to let the problems out for you to feel better again. Another suggestion I would give you is to put it in your music. Some of my best songs came from venting about various topics that were bothering me and you can release those feelings you’re having in a positive way if you channel the energy correctly.

Something else I would say to do is take a break. Whatever it is that’s stressing you out, step away from it for a second. Even if it’s music, just step back, take a breather, regain your composure and then come back with a different and refreshed mindset. Many times you just need to cool off in order to vent and by placing yourself away from the problems this will happen naturally. There are many ways you can vent, but honestly I wouldn’t suggest to do it in a negative manner because it will do nothing but make the situation worst. Drugs, fighting, lashing out, etc — all just breed negativity. At the end of the day, those issues can become even worst then before, so don’t let these problems affect you to the point that you dig yourself in a deeper hole. Just focus on climbing out of it.

Sometimes all I need is an ear. That’s why I think I love music, blogs, writing, etc. Usually when I’m finished I feel so much better and more relaxed. I’m glad I vented yesterday because I gotta ton of work to do today, haha. Make sure you vent as well. Much love.

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