2008-08-08 - Dr. Dre and his daughter ManajDr. Dre’s daughter Manaj has recently released a brand new documentary titled “Daddy’s Shadow,” which follows her as she struggles to make it in the music biz despite the benefit of having the superproducer as a father.

According to Manaj, her powerful father doesn’t support her dream of becoming one of the next female forces in the genre of hip-hop, but she’s pursing it anyway.

“You tell me you don’t want me to rap, but you’re out here helping everybody else,” Manaj asked in the trailer for the documentary.

“The rap industry will pull him to the side a whole lot, so it was hard to have a father figure,” she continues.

The documentary, which has been released exclusively through the internet, is directed by Dre’s daughter, and takes viewers on musical quest without Dre’s approval.

Throughout the film’s trailer, Manaj is seen recording in the studio, smoking weed, and out having fun. It also showcases some of her hardcore style rap music.

“Daddy’s Shadow” trailer

While the trailer leaves much to the imagination, it does not indicate kind of relationship she has with her father Dr. Dre, or the reason behind his lack of support for her career.

However, it does show a few clips of the super producer spending time with her.

The viral film, “Daddy’s Shadow,” is available online now, through TM Media Group at TMMediaGroup.com for $4.95 to watch once online, and $9.95 to download.