E-ShyLudacris’ mixtape track “Politics As Usual,” which was recorded in support of presidential hopeful Barack Obama, received a lot of attention lately — mostly negative. It was blasted by Obama’s camp, and now, a white rapper from New York is expressing his disgust for it.

New York rapper E-Shy, an Irish Jew from Harlem, takes the liberty of targeting Obama over Luda’s mixtape track, which he calls “racist and irreverent.”

In E-Shy’s new song, simply titled “Obama Diss,” he accuses Obama of receiving support from the same people who support Al-Qaeda. “What can I say Mr. Obama / you’re full of fiction like a drama / the same people that’s supporting you who supported Osama,” E-Shy raps.

Later, he claims that Obama left his longtime church, in Chicago, only after he received flack because of its controversial pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. “Mr. Obama, you got no heart / You dis-owned your church because you figure it’s politically smart … He was shocked that his pastor hated whites / Obama’s been in that church 20 years, yea right / Ludacris says Obama should paint the White House black to scare them / I wonder who is them? my friend.”

(Listen to the track and accompanying video here.)

According to E-Shy, Obama is self-righteous and could care less about any but himself, and urges Americans to do their research on the candidate before voting.

“I feel that I am pro-America, irrespective of party,” he says. “Just because a candidate is black does not mean he cares about black people, white people or even green people more than he cares about himself. He has no record of credible service and Chicago is a mess as a result of his representation. You should see those people and what he did, and didn’t do, for them. Just go to youtube and see .. people are pissed in his district.”

E-Shy also claims hip-hop are only supporting the African American candidate because of how trendy its become. “Many in hip-hop were originally supportive of Hillary in the early primaries and now everyone acts like there are original Obama people down for a cause. It’s about as false as this guy’s inflated campaign and credentials,” he states.

E-Shy was recently given the coveted title of Unsigned Hype by The Source in their April 2008 issue. The magazine says that he could possibly be the heir to Eminem’s throne. Why? Because “he’s dead nice,” the mag states.