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Iyuana-NicholeMeet Iyuana-Nichole, aka the Exotic Trophy Wife. She is a 23-year-old on-the-go model who hasΒ great big pretty eyes, big dreams, and a voluptuous backside. While her curvaceous body will be one of the first things that draw you in, once chatting with Iyuana, you will quickly find that there’s more than meets the eye with her. She’s goal-oriented, knows what she wants, and is ready to make those things happen.

Iyuana hails from Cleveland, Ohio — not the ideal location for an aspiring model, but she’s making the best of it. In a short time, she shot several sexy photos shoots, appeared in local music videos, and launched her own website, ExoticTrophyWife.com, which she hopes will give her more exposure to break out of the Cleveland bubble. Her biggest dream is to, one day, appear in Playboy, and have an empire equivalent to Kimora’s. However, she’s not in a rush, and is willing to work to get there.

We caught up with the 5’3″ voluptuous model to discuss her beginnings, her goals, and of course, what she’s looking for in a man. Yep, she’s single guys.

BallerStatus.com: Ok, so first, before we get into it, why don’t you give us a little introduction about yourself?

Iyuana-Nichole: Well, I am a fun loving young woman who loves to write and read poetry, along with designing clothes. I stand 5’3″, [and my measurements are] 36D/26/42. Many people don’t know how to pronounce my name correctly (it is pronounced eye-yah-nah), African meaning for beautiful flower. I think it fits me well.

BallerStatus.com: How old are you and where are you from?

Iyuana-Nichole: I am 23 years old, currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio.

BallerStatus.com: You’ve been modeling for less than five years, how did you get into it at first?

Iyuana-Nichole: Actually, I started my journey modeling and building my portfolio five years ago. The way I got into it was my friend A.P and I would always buy disposable cameras, dress up and take pictures of each other in different parts of the house. We did that since like the 7th grade. Then one day my cousin and I were playing around with my digital camera and kind of liked how the pictures turned out. So we put on make up and just some cute clothes we already had. I ended up keeping my pictures and then about a week or two later, I ran into this photographer and he was looking to expand his horizons because he did photos for weddings and school events, and I went to his studio and started my first professional shoot. I believe I was 17 at the time. I wasn’t able to afford the photos at the time, so when I got all of my money together I couldn’t get a hold of him. I think he may have passed away because he was up in age. He did really good work. Ever since then I haven’t been able to stay away from the camera.

BallerStatus.com: Was modeling something you’ve always wanted to do, or was it more like the opportunity came and you took it?

Iyuana-Nichole: Well, I always thought I couldn’t do modeling because I didn’t know of the different types of modeling. For a very long time I always thought I had to be 5’8″, 120 lbs. So once I found out that those women were runway models, I felt better because I can do print work. I don’t have to walk a runway, the clothes don’t fit anyways.

BallerStatus.com: You have a very curvy figure. The modeling game over the past few years and has really opened up for models with body types like yourself. Why do you feel that is?

Iyuana-Nichole: I think it’s opened up so much because everyone isn’t the same size, everyone can’t be a size two. Most African American women and young girls are curvy. Young girls need someone to look up to and know they don’t have to be bone rail thin to be accepted. There are so many young girls who want to model now because of that reason. It actually feels good to be thick (laughs). Also, men now like a little meat on women.

BallerStatus.com: How hard was it for you to really break into it originally?

Iyuana-Nichole: It wasn’t really hard because, not to sound conceited, but it seemed that every photographer or urban agency wants someone like me — light skin, pretty eyes, and a curvy shape. Or just a female who has a bangin’ body in general with a pretty face. Sells more. It was actually hard finding an agency that was legit and about business. So many “agencies” would contact me asking to shoot with me and all of that, but my question was always “For what? What are you trying to accomplish? What’s your budget? Do you have a contract? What company do you represent?” Then they’re stuck and they don’t reply (laughs). I’ve also dealt with a photographer that doubles as a modeling agency. It would have been okay if he wasn’t so unprofessional about it.

BallerStatus.com: So far, what are some of the things you’ve accomplished thus far?

Iyuana-Nichole: Well I have my own website (finally), something that I’ve always wanted to do to showcase my talent and beauty. It gives me a lot of exposure to everyone no matter if it’s just a regular person who works a 9-5 to a freelance agency/photographer to a producer or something of that nature. I’ve done a local video with Chip Tha Ripper and a group out of Cleveland. I have so much more that I would like to accomplish, but I am always patient and hardworking. I take my time so that I don’t get screwed over.

BallerStatus.com: You have your website, ExoticTrophyWife.com. That’s a pretty clever name. Tell us about the site.

Iyuana-Nichole: The name “Trophywife,” I’ve always used as a modeling name for myself because it’s different and men always want a beautiful woman on their arm to show off. Now the exotic part came from A.Fox. She couldn’t get the domain as just “trophy wife,” so she put the exotic part in front of it and it worked. Also because I feel that I have a very different/exotic look because my family has many different ethnic backgrounds. The site is glamour modeling. I’m not fully nude, but some photos are topless. But they aren’t raunchy. It’s a part of the field and I’m comfortable with it. I think that some people look better nude (laughs). I’m a big fan of anatomy. The rest of the site people will just have to look at it. I love it.

BallerStatus.com: What are some of your goals in modeling?

Iyuana-Nichole: My MAIN goal in modeling is to hopefully be in Playboy by 2010. If it doesn’t happen before then, I’ll just be happy if it ever happens. I’ve always wanted to do Playboy since I was 15. Honestly, I always thought the women were so beautiful and perfect! The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up anyways. I would love to do EVERY men’s magazine. Nelly, aolla at me. I got an Apple Bottom (laughs). Another goal would be to start acting and transform into a “mactress” (model/actress). It’s pretty typical, but my brain is always festering something up so that’s not the only thing I have going. I want one day spa in each of these cities: Miami, Vegas, Cleveland, and California. I love shoes so a shoe line (hopefully).

BallerStatus.com: What’s your favorite asset, on your body and why?

Iyuana-Nichole: It would have to be my eyes. It’s very rare that someone who has eyes that change every so often. When I was born they were blue, and since I was and still am so light, my mom told the doctor they gave her the wrong baby. By the time I was two, they turned grey, then to hazel/green and ever since then they turn from like a rusty color, to a light brownish green.

BallerStatus.com: For the fellas, are you single?

Iyuana-Nichole: Yes I am very much single, but I have been seeing someone. Guys don’t do right by me as far as a serious relationship or I just have bad luck. I can honestly say that I have never been in a real relationship where I felt secure and loved. I’ve felt loved, but it’s like I know when I don’t have someone’s full attention, like there’s other females he’s dating. Then there’s always that one guy who shows too much attention (annoying!!) Like they could be getting money/working instead of calling me every five minutes.

BallerStatus.com: What kind of guys are you most interested in? What attracts you to a guy?

Iyuana-Nichole: I am most interested in brown skin/dark skin men, with beautiful STRAIGHT pearly whites. They have to be cocky, confident and dress nice — not too available. I love a challenge. I feel like easy come, easy go. They have to be established because I don’t want to take care of no man. 50/50 here (laughs). He also has to have a heart, no one who is a smart talker, that’s a female trait. Someone who is very intelligent to stimulate my mind because I like to learn new things, and he just has to be fun and make me laugh.

BallerStatus.com: What are some of the corniest pick-up lines a guy has tried to use on you?

Iyuana-Nichole: “I think I can afford you, where you wanna go?” So I said “I wanna go to Paris and watch the sunrise and eat crepes for breakfast.” Then he goes “Damn, aight, I’ll holla at you later” (laughs). I guess he couldn’t afford me huh? Then another guy who liked me for a long time used the oldest one in the book. My legs were really tired — seriously — because I had just gotten off of work I was on my feet all day. So I’m walking into the store and tripped on the curb and this guy says “You trippin’ ’cause your legs tired from running through my mind all day.”

BallerStatus.com: Give the fellas out there some tips about how to approach a woman like yourself.

Iyuana-Nichole: I don’t approach guys, so if you like what you see, then be real, be yourself. Don’t try to stunt in front of me. It’s far from cute. I’m not into flashy guys. Most importantly, if I can look at your mouth and say “I know where the fourth of July was last year, then all you can do is look, save yourself the time of being shut down, that is a major turn off (laughs). That’s not shallow, that’s real.

BallerStatus.com: What’s in the future for you? Tell us some of the things you have coming up or have planned.

Iyuana-Nichole: Just look for “Exotic Trophywife” everywhere. I’m trying to be the next Kimora Lee (laughs). Until then, everyone can check out my site, ExoticTrophyWife.com, and be on the lookout for the Sprinkles Production.

  1. Damn she’s working with some top notch goods there. If she’s not gonna get the shine she deserves I would hope I get to wife dat!

  2. Shes good. U have to search hard to find her on the net these days but shes still there, although I dont think shes modeling

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