Lil JonLil Jon has been in limbo ever since his longtime label, TVT Records, went bankrupt earlier this year. Now, the popular producer has inked a new deal with The Orchard, who is currently in the process of buying TVT’s assets.

According to the Associated Press, Lil Jon — under the new deal — will work with The Orchard to develop “lifestyle-oriented marketing and promotion programs,” as well as serve as a consultant for some of Orchard’s artists, labels, and branding opportunities.

Also, as a part of the agreement, Lil Jon withdrew his objections to TVT’s sale to Orchard, and in return, he has been released from any contractual obligations from his previous contract with TVT. He is not signed as an artist to the label and is free to seek any other deals as an artist.

“It’s about time I get what’s owed to me from the situation I was stuck in,” Lil Jon told the AP. “It’s unfortunate things have turned out the way they did, but artists deserve to be compensated fairly by their labels for the work they do, and that wasn’t happenin’. In my case. I’m happy to finally be a free man and make a new start.”

Lil Jon has retain the rights to his unreleased, upcoming album Crunk Rock, which has yet to receive a release date.