Suge KnightSuge Knight still has it. He still has the power to intimidate individuals he doesn’t like.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the once powerful hip-hop mogul had previously threatened a state prison inmate who once implicated a Los Angeles police officer in the slaying of rap star Notorious B.I.G.

The inmate, Waymond “Suave” Anderson, testified on Thursday (July 31) that he had recanted the allegation because of threats he received from Knight that were passed to him by former Los Angeles Times reporter, Chuck Phillips.

According to the paper, Anderson said that Philips passed him several written messages wrapped in plastic at Corcoran State Prison on behalf of Knight, which influenced him to change his testimony last year in a civil lawsuit filed by the family of the Notorious B.I.G. against the city of Los Angeles.

Philips denied Anderson’s allegation, when a Times reporter questioned him about it.

“That never happened,” said Philips, who has written several stories regarding both Tupac and the Notorious, with his latest piece about Tupac getting him fired. “I’m flabbergasted by this whole thing. This is the ultimate betrayal.”

From behind prison walls, Anderson originally claimed that former LAPD Officer David Mack was involved in the 1997 slaying of the rapper. However, last summer, he testified that he had lied and did not know Mack.

Mack, at one time, was theorized to have orchestrated the killing of Biggie on behalf of Knight, who was feuding with his label Bad Boy Records.

Knight and Mack have both denied the allegations and Wallace’s murder remains unsolved.