2008-07-31 - Nelly on latest issue of Rap-UpNelly is making his rounds, promoting his upcoming album Brass Knuckles. In addition to the new solo project, he may be working on a collaborative project with the King of the South, T.I.

In the cover story for Rap-Up magazine’s summer issue, Nelly says the two rappers are currently in talks, but nothing is confirmed just yet.

“We talked about doing a joint together, a whole album,” the rapper tells the mag. “It’s not about just selling records for me anymore ’cause I’ve done that. It’s about making something that people will remember.”

The platinum-selling rappers may also recruit a third member for the album as well, says Nelly.

The last time they worked together was on the track “Show It To Me” from his 2007 album, T.I. vs. T.I.P.

Despite T.I.’s legal situation over the last year, Nelly doesn’t hold anything against T.I. He says everyones “makes mistakes.”

“We all make mistakes. I’m not a judgmental person,” said the rapper. “I may not agree, but I’m not going to judge you for it because we all gotta be accountable and we all gotta take responsibility for the choices that we make. But be that as it may, I’m not going to stop being his friend because he made a mistake. I think that’s when you need your friends the most, when you have made a mistake.”

The rest of the interview can be read in the Summer 2008 issue of Rap-Up, which is on newsstands now.

Brass Knuckles is slated to hit stores September 16.