2008-07-02 - Young JeezyAfter quotes from an interview in Vibe’s latest issue surfaced on the internet Monday (June 30), Young Jeezy felt compelled to clear the air, and did so via a recorded video on his official social network (USDA2Day.com).

In the Vibe article, Jeezy revealed a past meeting with Reublican presidential candidate John McCain, in which he was quoted as saying “No disrespect to my man Barack, but I f*** with John McCain.”

Well Jeezy’s name was spread across the internet quickly, regarding the comment, and people thought the quote meant he was supporting McCain, despite the face he had previously endorsed Democratic presidential hopeful, Barack Obama.

So to clear things up, he posted the viral video to make it very clear Barack Obama is his choice for president.

“I represent the Democratic party. … I’ve never been nor do I ever plan to be a John McCain supporter,” the rapper says in the video. “I support Barack Obama.”

He also said he had intended to say “No disrespect to McCain, but I f*** with Obama,” and added that the uproar over his comments has “showed me the power of words.”

Watch the clip of Young Jeezy addressing everything here.)

In the four-minute video, Jeezy included clips from a previous interview he did with MTV, in which he pledged his support for Obama and called McCain “a fraud.”

“Barack, he got the swag of Malcolm X, the intelligence of Martin Luther King, he got a lot of things going for him right now,” Jeezy said. “He’s ahead of his time. I just feel like, given the right chance, he’ll make some type of change. We’ll see it, we’ll feel it. I really feel that.

“John McCain cool, but he look like a fraud to me,” Jeezy continued.

As far as his meeting with McCain, he breaks down what happened.

“I told him the ‘hood was f***ed up, and he was like, ‘How you doing?’ ” Jeezy recalled. “Real talk. They know entertainers, so they shake your hand [and say], ‘I’m your friend.’ But my mama is about to have surgery that I gotta pay for out of my pocket because she can’t get insurance. I don’t really feel McCain. It ain’t just because Barack is black; he can make change. Just like Bush equals recession, Barack equals progression. I really feel that, all bullsh** aside. He’s gotta come in and keep it right.”

In conclusion, Jeezy claims that the Democratic Party is the nation’s only hope for change, and if Obama isn’t elected, we could be in for some trouble.

“I’m a Democrat,” said Jeezy. I’m living in a world where we’re thirsty and we’re waiting for change … like we’re hungry for change. If we don’t get this change, we all doomed.”

Aside from politics, the Atlanta rapper is gearing up for the release of his third solo album, The Recession, in which he says he addresses topics of the slumping economy, gas prices, and the current financial state of the nation, among other things. It set for release later this summer.