Donnie Klang

Normally being on a reality show tends to dampen an artist’s career, but new Bad Boy solo artist and “Making The Band 4” contestant, Donnie Klang, hopes his career is just beginning. While his career officially started years ago with performances in different pop and R&B groups, it isn’t until now, with one “Making The Band” season under his belt and the overwhelming acceptance from fellow artists in the industry, that Klang’s lifelong dreams are coming to fruition.

With his other “Making The Band” members (Day 26 and Danity Kane) already in stores with albums, Klang has been lingering quietly in the background. Timing however is a focal point for the Long Island native. With another season of “MTB4” set to air in early August, Bad Boy has slated Klang’s album release for the 19th of that month.

As he readies himself for what he hopes to be the summer of a lifetime and while actually filming for the upcoming season, DK sat down with to discuss the hardships of being the last MTB member to the release of his album, how he’s readied himself for the spotlight and why working for the man known as Diddy can be exhausting. So how was the show?

Donnie Klang: It’s crazy, we’re actually filming a new season right now, and it’s going to follow us on tour. It will air in August and my album will come out August 19th. How did you feel when Diddy didn’t read your name off?

Donnie Klang: That night was the biggest roller coaster ride for me. I was positive I was making the group and he said I’m adding a fifth member to the group and I thought it was going to be me … but he picked Big Mike. I was happy for them, but then I was like, “Wow I just got cut on national television.” But then he told me I got a solo deal on Bad Boy and it was crazy it took the biggest weight off my shoulders. Were you ever star struck when working with Diddy?

Donnie Klang: Maybe on the first day when we had the audition. I mean it was more nervousness than actually being star struck. Diddy held our careers in his hand. I mean I did grow up listening to him and I performed his songs in talent shows, so I was a little star struck, but I held it together. So how is it working with Diddy?

Donnie Klang: It’s tough. He’s a true boss and a true perfectionist. His label and his reputation are on the line with every artist he puts out, so he makes sure the songs are the best they can be and the live shows are the best they can be. I’ve been going to the studio at night to finish my album. And as hard as it is with him as a boss, it’s been tough, I basically haven’t been sleeping. Day 26 and Danity Kane both have released their albums, how do you feel about you being the last to come out?

Donnie Klang: I mean it’s tough. Their albums got released months ago, so I kind of was just sitting back and not doing anything. I was barely getting any studio time, I was kind of just watching. It was tough to watch them and watch it all happen, but at the same time, I ended up almost finishing the album and having another “Making The Band” season really driving my album release. So what can we expect to see on your album?

Donnie Klang: Well we have the single, “Take You There” featuring Diddy, which is available on iTunes now. Also I will have some of the songs I recorded on the show like, “Dr Love” and “Rolling Stone.” We’re actually going to call the album Just The Rolling Stone. I also worked with the Soul Diggaz, Mario Winans, Bryan Cox and Danja, and the Clutch. I actually got to write a lot on my album and there’s actually a chance I may get production on my album, which is huge for me because I used to make beats back in the day. The album’s gonna have a lot of fresh and new music. It’s definitely going to be big. What’s been the most fun so far?

Donnie Klang: We had a lot of fun in Miami. That was pretty crazy. Not only do we get to perform and go to the after parties, but we get to be on the road. That’s been a dream for me. I used to watch the old “Boys II Men” DVDs and watch them getting on the tour busses, that was the dream for me. I got my best friend from home whose 6’7 and plays d-3 ball coming to be my security. On the contrary what has been the least fun?

Donnie Klang: I mean the toughest part has been when Diddy comes in and just breaks you down. He’ll tell you that you look like sh**, and you’re dancing sucks and he’ll over exaggerate to the point where you want to kill it the next time you see him and make him eat his own words. He really keeps that fire in you. And the next time you’ll get a little better, but Diddy will never admit it. And then by the first performance, you will really kill it and then he’ll let you know. How has it been as a learning experience?

Donnie Klang: It’s been crazy. Even the whole “Making The Band” was basically a boot camp or training in what the whole music business has to offer from the business end, to radio to the interviews. We also had the confessionals, which basically got us ready for interviews and we had the conditioning, which got us ready for our live shows. The show was basically a boot camp. What’s been the reaction you’ve received from fans and people in the industry?

Donnie Klang: It’s been good. It’s a catch-22 coming from a reality show. People sometimes don’t give us any respect because we’ve come from a reality show. But really we kind of got the good end because people get to see where we came from and they know we are all true artists. I was doing this before “Making The Band” just like any other artist, but this just happened to be the way I caught the break. So people understand that, and they get to see us in the studio working hard. I’ve met a lot of people in the industry that normally would have me star struck that were like “I saw you on the show,” and I couldn’t believe it. It’s been all love. Can we just go over a timeline?

Donnie Klang: I’ll be on the West Coast doing radio stuff and doing promo. I’m going to film the video for the single “Take You There.” By August, this season of “Making The Band” will air and then my album will drop August 19th.