Obie Trice Leaves Shady Records

Obie TriceA week after rumors surfaced of rapper Obie Trice leaving Eminem’s Shady Records, the Detroit rapper leaked a new track addressing the issue.

On a track called “Giant” leaked over the weekend, Obie spits, “Well, no more Shady. Maybe it was meant / For me to branch off from my Caucasian friend / Nope, no more 2nd place to Eminem / Question if I was second is the question to many men / No disrespect to Em, he’s first / Anything after, research the verses.”

He goes on to mention his new label, Worldwide Hustle. According to the rapper’s manager, the split between Shady and Obie was amicable. He left to start his own label — Worldwide Hustle.

“Obie and Shady were moving in different directions,” Obie’s manager, Terry Wilson, said in a statement. “But he still has a great relationship with Shady Records. He has some big plans for his Worldwide Hustle label.”

Later in the track, Obie implies that he left his home at Shady because of its parent company, Interscope Records.

Obie has been signed to Shady Records for nearly eight years. Over those years, he’s released two albums — his debut Cheers, which went on to go platinum; and Second Round’s On Me, which failed to produce numbers close to his debut.

His next album is titled Bottoms Up.

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