Tyga Admits To Chain Snatching, Explains Incident

Tyga talks chain-snatching

2008-06-28 - Tyga chainLil Wayne protégé, Tyga, recently upped a self-shot video to the internet where he addresses, directly, the rumors of his chains getting snatched.

It was previously thought that 40 Glocc, and/or his associates, took the 18-year-old rapper’s jewelry after 40’s camp upped a video themselves displaying two of Tyga’s jewelry pieces.

Well, according to Tyga, that’s incorrect. The Compton, California artist admitted he was robbed, at gun point, but says it wasn’t 40 Glocc. Tyga credits the jacking to him not being aware of his fame.

“It was these poo-put n****s … they ain’t got no names. These poo-put n****s came up on me, and I was with like one of my homeboys,” Tyga said in the video. “It’s like you’re famous now, but I was going to the same places, I wasn’t trippin’ off of that sh**. Some n****s seen me and ran up on me with a little burner … I’m a little dude, if you gonna rob me, take off on me. Don’t pull no gun out on me, come on. That’s coward sh**.

“So this n**** pull a gun out on me and I’m like ‘It ain’t worth it ’cause I know I’mma get my sh** right back’ ’cause these n****s can’t do nothing with it. I know every jeweler and a lot of OGs in the street … N****s respect me ’cause I’m so original and I’m so real. I don’t try to be something that I’m not, I am who I am,” he continued.

So if 40 Glocc didn’t jack him, how did it land in his hands? According to Tyga, the people that originally stole the pieces from him tried to pawn them at the shop they was made (Icee Fresh). Instead of getting paid, they were, in turn, robbed of the chains from 40 Glocc’s camp.

From there, 40 shot a YouTube video, displaying Tyga’s jewelry.

“I guess 40 Glocc’s peoples robbed the peoples that got me, and then hopped on YouTube, talking about they robbed me,” explained Tyga. “I never seen this n**** in my life. This n**** ain’t even from L.A. This n**** from Inland Empire, somewhere far …”

Despite all the drama, Tyga finally got his jewelry back. However, he was adamant at pointing out they he and/or his camp did not pay for there return, despite what 40 Glocc said.

The Young Money artist explained that otherss got his chain back for him, out of love and respect.

“It was some other n****s in the street that actually paid cash, outta love, and got it back from them n****s,” he said. “They came to the show that me and Wayne had, and was like ‘Yo here, here’s your sh**, we just want a verse.’ N****s just did that sh** out of love, out of respect. But n**** didn’t pay for nothing back or no type of sh** like that.”

Later on in the short clip, Tyga called the situation “hate” because of his success. He gave his haters some advice: put out an album.

“Stop hating. Get a bar code,” Tyga said, referring to the code scanned on his debut CD, No Introduction. “N****s say I flopped or whatever, I got an album in stores. Your sh** never coming out. Never coming out, my sh** is out.”

No Introduction hit stores on June 10. During its first week on shelves, it sold 6,790 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and has yet to crack the 10,000 mark.

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