TygaYoung Money’s new Compton, California artist, Tyga, just dropped his debut, No Introduction, on Tuesday (June 10), and just as his career takes off, he’s already experiencing problems in the rumor mill.

Late last week, videos surfaced on the internet with West Coast rapper 40 Glocc and his associates bragging about having the 18-year-old rapper’s chains in their possession.

Throughout the video, 40 Glocc and Village Boo display Tyga’s alleged chains, mocking him for getting jacked by people they know, and offering to return them for a price.

The young rapper appeared on “TRL” this week in promotion of his debut, but when asked about the YouTube video, he declined to address it directly, simply saying he loves haters.

“I love it,” Tyga. “It’s making me go harder. What did Mr. West say? He said, ‘I’m excited when somebody don’t like me, it keep me writing, so exciting.’ That’s real man. It makes your heart bigger. They don’t understand I’m a little dude and you’re bringing out the fire out of me. I love the hate man, it’s good.”

He was also wearing at least one of the chains that were jacked during the appearance.

2008-06-11 - Tyga Chains

40 Glocc, however, claims the chains were given back … scratch that bought back, but doesn’t say by who.

“The chain was bought back,” 40 said in an email statement. “… and now it’s time to expose these chumps, and no, his artist Tyga is not a kid, he is 20 years old.”

Also in the statement, the Infamous/G-Unit artist explains why the rapper’s chains were stolen, saying it’s related to gangbanging.

“Lil Wayne dissed the whole crip card on a song worldwide,” 40 says. “He said if you ain’t swoop gang, you are under water food chain … meaning a (crab). That’s real live bangin’ on wax if you ask me, so I had to expose the chumps. Especially after the chain got bought back in cash money.”

No Introduction is in stores now.