Money Problems Continue For Scott Storch, Judge Orders His Arrest

Scott StorchThe rumors of producer Scott Storch being in financial troubles continue.

According to the Miami Herald, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Marc Schumacher issued a pick-up order, authorizing cops to jail Storch until he can be brought to court for a child support hearing in regard to his 2-year-old son Jalen.

He was scheduled to appear recently, but was a no show.

34-year-old Storch is said to owe at least $46,000, the same amount his bond was set when police bring him in — $30,000 for four months of support for Jalen, plus $16,000 toward the boy’s Florida Prepaid College Plan.

Jalen’s mom, Dalene Jennifer Daniel, who sued Storch for paternity in 06, says he has failed to fulfill the terms of their mediated settlement agreement.

That’s not it though… Storch has also been hit with another paternity suit. 33-year-old Vanessa Bellido says Storch is the “natural father” of her 16-year-old son Steven Brandon Bellido.

According to the paper, Storch had previously acknowledged he is Steven’s dad and voluntarily sent money — up until January. Now, Bellido says she and her son are struggling.

“While [Storch] drives around in his Ferrari and Cadillac, [Steven] is sleeping on a couch in the same room with his mother,” says her emergency petition for child support, filed by attorney Paul Leinoff. “The situation is dire.”

Storch is said to have provided Steven with a car, but he has since been repossessed. He also said he’s “be financially responsible” for the kid’s education, but still owes $5,000 for tuition, putting his junior year “in jeopardy,” Vanessa says in court documents, reports the paper.

The producer is also behind on property taxes for his $10 million mansion. Back in February, a California man sued Storch claiming he loaned him $100,000 back in 2003 to prevent his home from going into foreclosure. Now, Storch owes a reported $511,839.16 in property taxes — $294,492.50 for ’06, and $217,346.66 for ’07.

Storch’s lawyer, Guy Spiegelman, told the Miami Herald that the producer is refinancing his home and trying to resolve his financial commitments. “He intends to honor all of his obligations,” Spiegelman told the paper. “He was a victim of mismanagement of his business enterprises, resulting in his current predicament.”

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