Donny GoinesThis business is tough. At times I feel like all my efforts are in vain and I become discouraged. When this happens I usually don’t feel creative and tend to dwell on things I can’t control. As artists we all go through these phases. The best way to avoid it though is by staying inspired.

Everyone has different inspirations. Things that help them become more creative and as an artist you ALWAYS need to identify and use these muses in life. As for myself, it’s hard to pinpoint what my inspiration is at times because my thoughts are so sporadic. Sometimes it sprouts from something as simple as a sentence or image, or appears in the form of complex metaphors and questions. Inspiration often arrives to me when I least expect it and that’s why it’s difficult to gauge what causes it, but I do know that doing certain things help to bring it out. When I’m around other creative people, when I hear certain kinds of music (if you seen my iPod play list you would bug out, haha), watching a thought provoking show, etc. many of these things put my mind at ease and it’s at that moment usually my greatest thoughts manifest themselves.

As artists we all need some form of inspiration to create and you have to figure out what yours is. Just think about it for a second, imagine if you didn’t know what inspires you. How could you be artistic? Even worst, what if you know what inspires you, but you just don’t use it to your advantage? Many artists that I know tend to get depressed and unfocused and I believe a big reason this happens is because they don’t stay inspired. When you are in that state of mind, your thoughts just flow and your drive is relentless. You will strive to create and have a more positive outlook overall. I’m not saying it’s easy nor do I know what inspires you, but what I DO know is this. If you don’t figure out a way to be constantly inspired you will eventually give up because you won’t have the motivation to create. Lack of inspiration is the reason why many artists fade from the spotlight and you should NEVER allow yourself to fall under that category.

Something else that inspires me are things like this blog. If I can help just one person out there to be inspired that makes what I do worth the struggle and sacrifice. Thank you for inspiring me.

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