This morning much took place in the 50 Cent world. While the home owned by 50 Cent that his ex-girlfriend and son lives in burned down, a video surfaced showing the rapper and his ex Shaniqua Tompkins arguing on a Manhattan street.

2008-05-30 - 50 Cent

The argument, captured on video by TMZ, took place after the ex-couple both appeared for a deposition concerning their ongoing battle concerning 50’s house.

During the deposition on Monday (May 26), one of 50 Cent’s entourage alleged trashed Tompkin’s lawyer’s office, resulting in a report being filed with the police.

The blaze at 50’s home in Dix Hills, New York broke out early Friday morning (May 30) at around 5:00 a.m., while Tompkins, their 10-year-old son Marquise and four other people were in the home.

According to Newsday, both Tompkims and Marquise suffered smoke inhalation, and were transported to a nearby hospital to be treated.

The Fire Chief of the Dix Hills Fire Department told TMZ that they have dogs searching the burned rumble looking for the substance that could have been used as an igniter, explaining that the intensity of the fire made it highly suspect.

The six bedroom, five bath home has been the subject of a bitter legal dispute between 50 (real name: Curtis Jackson), and Tompkins. The rapper bought the home in early 2007 for a reported $2.4 million, so his son and mother could live in a high-end school district.

Last month, however, he tried to evict Tompkins and Marquise from the house, demanding she pay him $4,500 a month in rent, after the ex-couple battled in court over child support.

50 explained the situation on New York’s Hot 97 radio station in April, saying his baby’s momma wanted a very high increase in monthly payments, but didn’t deserve it.

In a statement released this morning, expressing his concern for the incident, and hopes the culprits responsible are caught.

“Informed this morning while filming a new motion picture on location in Louisiana, Curtis Jackson expressed deep concern over this fire at his property,” 50’s rep said in the statement. “He is extremely thankful that everyone including his son, Marquise, escaped the burning house safely. He is confident that authorities will be conducting a thorough investigation of the incident and is eager to review their findings.”

Tompkins spoke to TV cameras this morning as well, where she alleged that 50 is possibly behind blaze.

“He said that he was gonna have someone come kill me and watch what he does. This is what he did,” she said in an angry rant. “He hasn’t even made no contact to see how his son is doing.”

Her attorney, Paul Catsandonis, told TMZ this morning that Tompkins is “traumatized” by the fire, and revealed that she heard someone” come into the house at around 4:00 a.m. Friday morning, just before the blaze broke out.

Stay tuned as this story develops.