Dem Franchize BoyzSome people are just born with confidence. You can say what you want about them, but it’s pointless because it’s not going to faze them. Dem Franchize Boyz is the perfect example. You might love them. You might hate them. You might not even know who the hell they are. They are aware of all of that, and they still feel on top of the world.

It’s been a minute since you’ve been in a club dancing to “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” or gotten crazy to “Oh I Think They Like Me,” but Dem Boys are back. They might have gotten stuck into the ringtone craze categories, their album might be taking longer than expected to drop, but Jizzal of DFB is still confident as hell that everyone who has doubts about Dem Franchize Boyz is in for a rude awakening. So what’s up? Where have you guys been? What are you working on?

Jizzal: Working like a slave. (laughs) We got our own independent company, our own label. Just been working with our artists that we got signed, trying to branch out our independent label. We been working on a new project, The Point Of No Return, working on a reality show, trying to do the movies. We just working on anything we can get our hands on. What’s good with the new album? I’ve been seeing a lot of release dates, starting back in February and now I see June. What’s up with that?

Jizzal: I know man. You know them labels don’t know what the hell they be doing man, but you know we trying to have everybody know the album’s out. We not trying to put our album out and nobody know. The one thing I’ve noticed about you guys is that you are extremely confident. In all of your interviews, when addressing the haters, or just talking about future projects you guys always maintain that confidence.

Jizzal: We put a lot into the album, so we very confident. Is it hard to be that confident in today’s music industry?

Jizzal: We know what we do. We know what we can do and we still doing it despite what’s going on. We believe in ourselves even when nobody else does. Definitely. You guys came out at the same time as this whole down south movement. You’re known for you’re snap music. If this whole movement had never happened and you guys came out, how do you think fans would receive you? Do you think you guys would have been bigger because you were the only ones, the same, or less because people weren’t ready for it?

Jizzal: Me myself, me being me, I think it would have been the same way it was, if not better. Because then maybe n****s would start appreciating us and know that we make our own type of music. They wouldn’t categorize us and put us in this type of music group or nothing of that nature. That’s what this album is basically about. Snap music is just what we got signed off of, what got us noticed. I know you guys have talked about it before, but what do you have to say to people who blame the south for the one hit wonders and the ringtone craze?

Jizzal: You know what I want to tell them, “F*** ya’ll!” When the album drop the first week, ya’ll get at me. When ya’ll see the numbers, f*** everybody who don’t believe in this sh**. (laughs) Okay. So what about some interviews done with Buddie? I know he’s made some comments about old school rappers that have probably been taken the wrong way, as if saying you guys don’t appreciate old school rap. Are you a big listener to the old school classics?

Jizzal: That’s all I listen to. That’s what made me become a rapper. I’ve been rapping since I was nine. I been rapping the longest in the group. That’s all I grew up off of, that’s all I idolize (people who been in the game for years and are still here). So you can appreciate the old school heads.

Jizzal: I appreciate them, but I don’t appreciate them not accepting what’s going on. I don’t respect anybody who don’t respect what I’m doing and that’s any man. I respect that. What else do you guys enjoy messing around with in the studio besides the snap music you create? You like making other kinds of music?

Jizzal: We making hip-hop. That’s what this album is about, ain’t nothing but one snap record on this album, and that’s for the people you know, that’s what they like. That’s for the fans or whatever ’cause that’s what they wanna hear. All of them songs that we did we didn’t give a damn about and people liked them and people did what they did, so here we are. That’s how that happened. What about if you guys are having a bad day? Since your music is always so upbeat, do you have to cancel that session? Or does it put you back into a good mood?

Jizzal: We don’t even be together all the time [that] we in the studio. One of us might be there or two of em might be there. Sometimes we be in there together. There’s just a natural chemistry with us. That’s what separates us from everyone else. If we having a bad day, we going to make it a good one. You ain’t gonna know we having one. I feel that. So are there some songs on this album that you think are going to have people getting up and dancing in the club again?

Jizzal: A couple records going to do that, but this entire album is going to shock everybody. I know you guys have said that this album is no different then the last, but you guys have just matured. What slight differences are we going to see?

Jizzal: You going to see Dem Franchize Boyz be Dem Franchize Men. You see I’m talking big sh** because that’s how much I’m feelin’ this album. I’m talking big sh** and I’ma talk big sh** the first week that it drops too. (laughs) Okay. Well I know you guys are all about being a “franchise” and just dipping your feet into anything you can and just going for it. You seem to be on a level where you have love for other people trying to do their thing. Have you ever given people opportunities just out of understanding that they are trying to make it just like you guys once were?

Jizzal: We do it all the time, even to this day. We even be on our Myspace personally for people in order to get on songs. I f***s with them. Every state I go to n****s try to get on and n****s trying to rap and I give them a personal number if I f**** with them and they doing what they doing, they respect what I’m doing, they got a lot of confidence in what they doing and they ain’t bullsh**. I’m f***in’ with it. They ain’t even gotta give me money or nothing to get on their song. Yea I figured you guys would be on that level.

Jizzal: We know what it’s like, nobody ever helped us. The only help we ever got was from Jermaine. We never got help from nobody, everything we did, we did it by ourselves. No management or nothing. So what’s up with your side projects? I know you guys doing the movie thing, producing, you even got a barbershop…

Jizzal: We just working baby. Doing everything we do towards each one of those entities, just trying to make it a success. That’s what’s up. So where do you want to see yourselves in 5 years?

Jizzal: A successful group still standing, still doin’ us with our heads up, still maintaining, still making people mad. And what do you have to say to all those disbelievers?

Jizzal: I mean like I said I don’t even wanna talk. People might think I’m lying. I just want them to look at the numbers and get back at me. I wanna see what the f*** they say next, see what we do and get back at me. Anything else you want to say?

Jizzal: Out independent coming real soon man. DFB coming soon, be looking out for us man, real talk. I just want everybody to stay tuned man. What are you about to get into?

Jizzal: I’ma go do my thing with the cars. I like fast cars. I like Nascars, I like pretty cars. I like pretty cars with diamonds. I got a lot of each. But get ready for our new single. Uur next single is called “Turning Heads” featuring Young Lloyd, the young pimp in the game. That’s going to be the next song and the next video.