Sean LevertThe coroner ruled Thursday (May 29) that R&B singer Sean Levert suffered from a variety of ailments and died of natural causes while in jail in late March, the Associated Press reports.

Levert, who was just 39 years old and was the son of O’Jays singer Eddie Levert, died at a hospital in March after he suddenly collapsed in a Cleveland jail.

He was serving a 22-month sentence for failure to pay child support.

Since the news broke, many have speculated that jail officials may be accredited to his death, including his family who questioned officials’ account that Levert had been acting strangely and was restrained before he fell ill.

However, Thursday’s report ruled out any foul play or trauma.

According to the AP, County Coroner Frank Miller said Levert died from complications of sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease. The coroner said Levert also suffered from other conditions, including cardiovascular disease and withdrawal from alprazolam — a drug used to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

After the singer’s death, jail warden Kevin McDonough said Levert had fell ill and guards were ordered to watch him because he had been acting strangely. When he started pounding on his cell door, guards strapped him in a restraint chair. Levert’s breathing became shallow and he was taken to the hospital.

Sean’s brother, Gerald Levert, who was also a singer, died in 2006 at age 40 of an accidental mix of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.