Wes FifDespite being with the label for less than six months, Orlando rapper Wes Fif has decided to part ways with Slip-N-Slide Records, citing creative differences as the cause.

The 22-year-old rapper release his official single, “Wastin’ Your Time,” back in January and soon after his first official mixtape as a Slip-N-Slide Records artist, The Streets Chose Me with DJ Smallz this past February.

Now, back at square one as a free agent, the rapper looks back on the situation as a learning process.

“The experience was one that I can honestly say I learned from. Both good things and bad,” said Wes Fif. “It enabled me to witness a lot of things I was unaware of industry wise. I can’t really say I regret one minute of the unique situation that we had.”

After Slip-N-Slide A&R, Jullian Boothe, discovered the young rapper last year, he invited Wes and his camp to Miami to meet with label head, Ted Lucas, where they discussed bringing together both camps to introduce Wes Fif to the world. However, after they begun working together, the label felt that did not and could not create a track that the DJs would support, so the partnership between the two ended.

Wes Fif couldn’t disagree more, claiming he and several other DJs were more than confident the rapper had hit records ready to go, but were given up on before being given a chance.

“To me, and to many other people, DJs included — top DJs at that — I had a hit record on deck, more than one actually,” he said. “It just didn’t translate into spins, and in my opinion the record(s) weren’t given the proper time to grow.”

Despite feeling that he wasn’t given the attention he needed to grow, Wes Fif still looks up to Lucas, and says he will keep pushing.

“Ted Lucas is an idol of mine in this business. SNS will remain a powerhouse indie label,” Wes explained, “and I will remain a staple in this business and go on to another situation that will be better fitting for me … Sh** don’t change.”

While he fields label offers, West says he plans to continue pushing his “Wastin’ Your Time” single, and will introduce “Through Da Roof” in the coming weeks.

Additionally, he has plans for a digital album this summer to hold fans over until his official debut project, Get Money Guidelines, which he says will come out by the end of the year.