Singer Houston Breaks Silence About Eye Gouging Incident

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It’s been more than three years since the news broke about singer Houston gouging out his eye after a botched suicide attempt in London. But he’s resurfaced and broken his silence.

Just recently, Hood News caught up with the singer where he finally broke spoke out about the incident, explaining what seems to be a phobia of the limelight almost.

“I’m off the boat, fresh off of Capitol Records … I had an eye injury and I fell off the job basically,” said the 24-year-old Los Angeles native. “I’m from the hood, so where I come from, it’s a whole other element, different from the Hollywood scene, which is why I stay in the background of the scenes. There’s too many fruit loops in the Hollywood scene, so I stay in the background. When it comes to taking you some place and making you do something … I say no to it.”

As the conversation continued, Houston revealed that during the peak of his popularity in 2004 and 2005, he was at a point where he fed up with the industry, and just wanted out, revealing that his stardom was weighing down on him.

“I got into an eye injury, dealing with certain thugs, dealing with certain gangsters, dealing with certain mafia … I had to get out that industry for a second to take a breather,” Houston admits. “Everything was clobbering down on me. Everything was going a little bit too hard on me.”

In 2004, Houston released his debut album, It Was Written, which boasted the hit single, “I Like That” featuring Nate Dogg and Chingy. It eventually went gold with more than 500,000 copies sold.

However, the singer felt as though the label was pushing him to do things he didn’t want, musically as well as with his image.

“I was blowing up, I went gold with that single (‘I Like That’) with Nate Dogg and Chingy,” he continued. “The way they was marketing me, I wanted to come out with my real record. That record was written for me, I didn’t come out with that record. The clothes I was wearing wasn’t really me. I’m more of a harder n****. They put that Michael Jackson jacket on me, made me wear that jacket and sh**. So I had to rip myself away before motherf***ers get the wrong impression about me.”

Since the unfortunate incident in early February 2005, Houston fell of the map completely and no one has heard from his since. Until now. Although it’s unclear if he is still making music, he did say that he has started a campaign he calls “Stop The Sodomy & Gang Rape,” in which he plans to put an end to inmates raping other inmates in the prison system.

“Right now, there’s a grip of people running around, little boys carrying weed, a grip of little thugs carrying weed, drinking and driving, burglaries. Motherf***ers gotta live to take care of they families,” he explained of young men who end up incarcerated. “Basically, I’m here to tell you, watch what you do because its motherf***ers in the pen gang raping motherf***ers who have they manhood intact. Motherf***ers who was never with a man, who are innocent, are in danger. Watch yourself man.

“Even if you carrying and doing something wrong and they put you in the pen, none of that sh** is worth you losing your manhood to another man that’s been raping motherf***ers in the pen. You must keep your manhood at all costs. Your manhood is all your got. I’m risked everyday just being me, walking in the hood,” Houston continued.

The singer says he’s putting the message out there, and wants every man, regardless of color, to ride with him on his new campaign. “Whether you white or black or Chinese, we [gotta] move [sodomy] out of the system because that’s an innocent man being raped,” he said. “Come on with me on this one … I’m starting this campaign. The only thing I can tell you motherf***ers: stay out of the pen until I drop this ‘No Gang Rape’ policy. No more sodomy in the pen,” Houston continued.

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