R. KellyA Chicago judge has given the Chicago Sun-Times a week to respond to a motion asking for one of its reporters to testify in R. Kelly’s child pornography trial.

According to the Associated Press, the defense wants reporter Jim DeRogatis to reveal the origin of the alleged R. Kelly sex tape when he received it in 2002. They also wanted to know if he had copied the videotape as well.

A lawyer for the paper says DeRogatis’ actions should be privileged under the First Amendment.

The judge will make a ruling on the motion May 30th.

On Wednesday (May 21), four witnesses identified the allegedly victim, who is now 23, as the one on the sex tape, although she has denied that notion all together.

The girl’s uncle and aunt, however, identify her as the one in the tape.

Additionally, a former best friend of the girl, Simha Jamison, took the stand on Wednesday as well, where she told prosecutors she recognizes her friend as the one in the tape. Jamison also identified Kelly as the man on the tape after spotting him in the courtroom.

While the prosecution continues to try to prove that Kelly is, indeed, the man on the videotape, the singer’s defense team maintains that it is not, and further claim the image has been digitally altered.

“Something could have been done to put a different head on that body,” Defense attorney Sam Adam Jr. said, according to the AP.

Under cross-examination Adam confronted the alleged female victim’s uncle and aunt. He asked the aunt, Delores Gibbon, why she didn’t go to authorities when she suspected the tape might be child pornography. Gibson said that she was torn.

Adam told the courtroom that Gibbon hoped to “extort Kelly” in a possible civil lawsuit. She denied the accusation.

Kelly (real name: Robert Kelly) has pleaded not guilty to the charges.