Bun BAlthough Bun B just dropped his second solo album, II Trill, on Tuesday (May 20), the rapper didn’t always visualize himself as a solo artist. Actually, he was content with being a part of UGK, but felt he had to keep the group’s name alive while he partner-in-crime, Pimp C, was incarcerated.

“Going solo is something that I didn’t want to do, ’cause I felt like UGK was the greatest group in the world,” Bun revealed to BallerStatus.com recently. “I never had the need to go solo, but started the solo career when Pimp C got locked, so I did it as a way to keep the group alive.”

Now, after Pimp C passed away last year, which was later revealed to be credited to an accidental overdose, Bun B is left holding the UGK torch solely on his own.

But, it’s nothing to the Texas rapper, who says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m here for myself, them (the fans), and for Pimp, to let everybody know that we’re not ready to forget about Pimp C. That means I gotta do what I gotta do,” Bun B explained. “I won’t be bringing anyone to be apart of UGK. UGK is now me and the people; the fans.”

“We’re letting the people know that it’s UGK for life; R.I.P. Pimp C,” he continued.

While Pimp C has been gone for nearly six months, he’s still feeling the grief, but says thanks to the fans, he can deal with it.

“Grief is unfortunately something that everybody at some point, unfortunately has to deal with, you know? I stay close to God, my family, and stay prayed up. My fans have been incredible and very supportive,” said the rapper.

And fans are expected to support Bun this week with II Trill, his brand new album that boasts guest appearances from the likes of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, David Banner, Chamillionare, Mya, and Lyfe, and production Scott Storch, Clinton Sparks, Jazze Phae, and numerous others.

Although Bun B is focusing on the release in front of him, he revealed to BallerStatus.com that many more are on the way. UGK projects that is. He says there will be a Pimp C solo project coming, as well as a release of another UGK album.