DJ Green LanternRemember the old beef between DJ Green Lantern and Jadakiss, that started after The Lox member recorded the Evil Genius on the phone asking where the knockout blow was in the well-documented D-Block/G-Unit beef?

That video footage ended up on an old On The Come Up street DVD, resulting in the DJ leaving his post as Eminem’s official DJ, and losing his Sirius Satellite show.

Ever since, Jada and Green Lantern have quietly stopped speaking. However, during Jay-Z’s American Gangster Tour stop at the New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom in November 2007, Green Lantern was forced to be civil with a rapper he felt betrayed by, when Jay brought out Jadakiss to announce that he was signing him to Roc-A-Fella Records.

But as Green Lantern explained in a recent interview with, he dealt with it, putting his feelings aside, taking Jay’s instructions to play “All About The Benjamins,” which Jada wasn’t feeling.

“At the Jay-Z show, at the Hammerstein, when [Jadakiss] came out. That was a complete, total surprise. Lenny S (Def Jam) came up to me during the show and said ‘Yo, Jay’s gonna bring Jadakiss out’ … and me being a professional, I’m like ‘Cool,'” Green Lantern explained. “Jay said get ‘The Benjamins’ ready. Aight bet, boom … This is Jay’s show, so I rocked with it.”

Jadakiss had other plans though. When “The Benjamins” came through the speakers, he looked back at Green Lantern and said “That’s Puff’s sh*t, put on one of my joints.” The DJ obliged by putting on the collaboration the two did in the past called “The Champ Is Here.” Everything would have been fine, but the rapper couldn’t remember the lines.

“Man, I don’t know that song,” said Jada, while on stage. “Why you gotta put me on the spot like that? They don’t want that.”

The show paused, then finally continued with Jay-Z’s “Roc Boys.” To this day, some people believed Green Lantern tried to sabotage Jadakiss as revenge. The DJ denies that though.

“He didn’t wanna rap to ‘Benjamins,’ so I said ‘Cool.’ Then it becomes ‘Aight, I know you got something of mines, Green?’ I’m like ‘Oh word? Aight,'” Green Lantern explained, giving a recount of the night. “So this is me still proceeding to be professional. Now I’m looking in my computer, for your music, and guess what I find? One song that I happened to produce. And why do I only find one song? Because we ain’t cleared [the beef] up, so I don’t play your music no more. If we’d of cleared it up, worked it out, whatever, I would have your music. I heard million stories: ‘Oh, he sabotaged him, blah, blah, blah.’ The plain and simple fact is I don’t have your music because we didn’t clear it up. And because he initiated it, I’m not running to clear it up.

“I’m the evil genius, but I can’t make somebody miss their rhymes to one of their classic records. I can’t make you forget ‘The Champ Is Here’ to the point where you turn around and go ‘I don’t know this sh**,’ he continued.

However, despite all their history, Green Lantern says, still, he holds no grudges against Jadakiss, but says it’s on the D-Block member to reach out to him to resolve the dispute, and not him.

“I’m willing to, but I ain’t calling nobody because of how that went down. That’s on him to call me and be like ‘Yo, let’s talk or whatnot,'” he said. “We almost did and then it didn’t happen. So that’s not on me, it’s on him … I kinda let things go, but I’m not really harboring hard feelings.”

The old beef also alienated him from not only the Shady camp, but G-Unit as well. That’s changed since though. And as most can see, with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks recently appearing on his Sirius Show on Hip-Hop Nation, they’re back on good terms.

“G-Unit, we’re good money. I don’t know if you saw that on the interet. We sat down, talked everything out, and we good money. I’ve kicked it with 50 [Cent] three times since then,” said the DJ.

In other Green Lantern news, the DJ recently dropped a new mixtape called City Invasion: Music From and Inspired by Grand Theft Auto IV, which is currently available digitally on for $8.99.