Rocsi and 50 Cent50 Cent has a new enemy in his sights — BET “106 & Park” host Rosci. Well, not exactly an enemy like Fat Joe or Ja Rule, but a person he isn’t really feeling right now.

The G-Unit general recently called into Washington, D.C. radio station, 93.9 WKYS, where he shoveled a little dirt the music host’s way, for recent past comment she made about his last album.

“Rocsi, she said something crazy on a tape. At first, my reaction to it is I should probably tell people who she is for real,” 50 said on the air. “She’s like a pop, I know like four people she slept with. It’s favoritism, when you sit on the [BET] couch because … like I don’t have time to hang out with you and sleep with you to make you like me on the show. That’s not how I do things.”

50 said these things possibly after a recent video surfaced of Rosci calling his Curtis album “garbage,” and that people need to support her fellow Chicago co-hort, Kanye West, and his Graduation album.

“Get that Kanye,” Rosci says in the video with a big smile on her face. “Forget that 50 Cent, that’s garbage. I’m going on the record right now. I challenge everybody. You get the Kanye album, you get the 50 Cent album, [and] if you find one song on the 50 Cent album [better] than on the Kanye album, I will buy you any three albums that you want. 50 is garbage.”

50 cent says she called his album “garbage,” because of course, favoritism, and that he won’t sleep with her. However, the rapper said that before anyone criticizes him for going at the female host, they should realize he didn’t start it.

“I knew it’s been this way for a long time. It’s just that it actually came out now,” said 50. “People always see me responding, but they don’t actually see what takes place to make me respond because their not paying those people any attention.

“Like you kind of get the bad guy aura. When you get that aura, like look at Suge right now. He gets into an altercation and someone hits him over the head. From there, so many people are happy to see him in that space that … like look at the comments: ‘Yea it’s about time.’ It kind of creates that aura and it gives me that bully effect also from a creative perspective. But I’m just responding to them the way I would if I wasn’t in this position where people felt like I was at the top of the heat.”

50 Cent is currently in New Orleans shooting a film alongside Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone called “Streets of Blood.”