And today’s credit of the “whenever I feel like posting the whole credit concept” is… DRUMROLE…

Lil Wayne

The one and only.. Weezy F Baby.

You see, I was a listener of Lil Wayne long before the days of Carter mixtapes and making guys finally admit that eating p**** is an awesome thing. But of course a big reason for that was because I was living close to the equator i.e “the south.” And I will not hate on those of you who just now hopped on the big giant Weezy penis, you all are a part of his legacy.

In the rap game, you usually get one chance. You get one chance to prove yourself worthy of more than a one hit wonder. This comes in the form of an album with more than five hot songs. Then you get a chance of proving you weren’t just a phase our ears were going through. This comes in the form of another album. Then you get a chance to prove you are worthy of a fanbase that will follow you no matter where you go musically, this comes in the form of a tour and is proven by how many tickets are sold.

They say riding a bike is something you can never forget how to do. You can always pick that bike back up and ride. You rarely get away with this with rapping. Once you get on that bike, you have to keep riding. In our well known history of rappers, once you stop, it’s hard as hell to come back. Whatever fans you had at one point might still be there waiting and willing to give you another listen, but the rest of the world is often close-minded when it comes to giving a second try. Lil Wayne not only broke this norm, he came back twice as hard and not doubled, not tripled his fanbase, but straight up took the f*** over. When the f*** else does this happen?

I mean, people do come back. But they usually come back and maintain the fans that were already there. I mean it’s clear this dude did way more than that. He’s on top of the world right now. That’s f***in’ serious. When I sit down and think about this, it makes me proud. Not that Lil Wayne is out there giving a f*** that I’m here giving a f***. But if I do meet him, I won’t be a groupie bitch screaming for him, or trying to take a picture, I’d tell him just that. I am so proud of him for defying industry odds. Living in the “south” for so long has made me a full-time southern reppin’ bitch and I am so proud when I see every motherf***er in New York blastin’ Weezy outta their ride. It’s like “Yea bitches!” Us New Yorkers are known for our sh** not stinking (haha) and for us to be on a penis like that, you have to be hot.

So the next time you Lil Wayne haters (yes, I’ve run into a few of them, they do exist!) feel like hating… sit down and think about what this man has done. Now, after nodding your head and secretly agreeing to what I have said… repeat after me…


Great. Now you can go back to hating if you want.

For those who are already riding the Lil Wayne ping ping… keep riding!