DMXRapper DMX may be facing more than animal cruelty charges soon, for allegedly providing false information to an Arizona hospital in an attempt to skip the bill.

According to The Arizona Republic, the rapper (real name: Earl Simmons) checked into the Mayo Clinic in April, but used the name Troy Jones, and a false address to avoid paying the bill.

Court documents revealed that X checked into Phoenix campus’ emergency room, complaining of shortness of breath and chest pains. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and released eight hours later.

Local police are currently investigating the matter, and said he could be charged with “theft of services” and providing the hospital with “false information including name and address for billing purposes.”

His lawyer, Murray Richman, called the investigation “petty” and suggested that Sheriff Joe Arpaio had no sympathy for the sick. He also didn’t comment on the rapper’s financial situation and/or why he tried to skip the bill.

According to the local paper, X is struggling financially, or refuses to pay his bills. They report that DMX and his wife, Tashera, were sued in Maricopa County Superior Court last year by American Express Travel for $64,866 plus late charges, interest on a credit card and attorneys’ fees.

Although they’ve paid a portion of the bill, $83,353 is still owed, as of April 23, court records said.

Thus far, DMX is yet to be brought up on the aforementioned charges.