Foxy BrownAfter nearly seven years, Foxy Brown dropped a new official album on Tuesday (May 13), and according to the rapper, she heard the final cut of the record just days ago. Guess what? She hates it.

The rapper released a statement to Hot 97 gossip queen, Miss Info, basically saying Brooklyn’s Don Diva was released without her final approval, further adding that it was only meant to be a mixtape, and prelude to her long-awaited Black Roses album.

“Unfortunately, during my incarceration, this CD was compiled without my approval. I heard this CD in its entirety, for the first time, just says ago and was devastated,” she said in her statement.

To make up for the album she called “carelessly orchestrated,” Foxy revealed that — after meeting with the president of Koch Records — she decided to re-release Brooklyn’s Don Diva next month with five new cuts, videos, and do an all out marketing and publicity run for it.

She said the old Fox would have gone the legal route to block the album’s distribution, but said her fans deserve new music.

“In another phase of my life and career, I would have dealt with this situation with litigation, but for the benefit of my fans and in the wake of the profound spiritual cleansing I recently underwent in prison, I made the decision to settle our creative differences amicably. My fans have waited seven years for an in-store release and deserve my very best,” explained the rapper.

“I have an obligation to my fans to deliver the level of product my brand is accustomed to. In order to preserve my artistic integrity, the new release will have my stamp of approval and fingerprints all over it,” she continued.

Foxy is so confident she can re-up and bring the album back to the level of her previous releases, she promised to “deliver the biggest street album in female rap history.”

At press time, a date for the re-release of the album was unknown.