Papoose Calls Remy Ma Jail Break Reports ‘Ridiculous’

PapooseDespite reports that Papoose was trying to sneak in a handcuff key to his fiancé at Riker’s Island on their wedding day, the rapper said “that’s ridiculous.”

In a recent interview with MTV, Pap explained that the handcuff key he supposedly tried to sneak in to Remy Ma is just a key on his key chain — that he’s brought every time during his visits to Remy Ma.

He said that day they used it as an excuse to cancel their wedding.

“That whole claim and that rumor is ridiculous,” he told MTV. “Ever since she’s been incarcerated, I’ve been going to visit her consistently. I’ve always had my key chain that has the key to my truck, my crib. … Everything that was on my key chain was always there [during my visits]. The [corrections officers have] always seen my key chain. … This particular time, this one dude. I guess he had a bad day or something. One C.O. looked at it like, ‘You can’t bring this in here.’ ”

“It was a small key,” Pap added. “I honestly don’t think the sh** could open handcuffs.”

The rapper further explained that if he’d really tried to break his fiancé out of prison, he’d be arrested, so the rumors are obviously false.

“[Sneak it to her] on Riker’s Island? What are you gonna do with that? For me to give her a handcuff key, that’s ridiculous,” Pap expressed. “They put in the papers [that] I was trying to help her escape and all that. If that was true, I would have been arrested. It was just an excuse for them to do some of the foul things they did.

“Everybody knows if it was a felony, I would have been arrested,” he added.

When MTV followed up with jail officials as to why Papoose was not charged, they explained that they never felt he broke any laws, just violated jail rules, which is why he wasn’t allowed to see her that day.

“I’m not saying he was trying to stage a jailbreak,” said Steve Morello, deputy commissioner of public information for the New York Department of Corrections. “I’m just saying he shouldn’t have had that key while attempting to visit our facility and see an inmate. We feel it’s unfortunate. We don’t control weddings that take pace in our jails, but we try to accommodate the legitimate wishes of people in our custody, and they have that right. We worked diligently to make arrangements for the ceremony.”

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