2008-05-14 Famous Stars & Straps custom boom boxRocker-producer, Travis Barker, previously collaborated with Lasonic to create a custom boom box, and they’ve sold out — but there’s one left.

The former Blink 182 drummer held a release party last week at Los Angeles’ Central Hollywood nightclub for the boom box. Two days later, the radio — the radio that retailed for $250 — sold out at Barker’s boutique store in Southern Cali.

Since selling out, the item has become very popular, and collectors are paying a pretty penny for them. According to XXLMag.com, one is now on eBay at close to $600.

At press time, however, we found three — the highest at $250 with four days of the auction left.

There were only 400 made of the limited-edition boom box, a few of which were sent as gifts to Barker’s celebrity friends — including Rick Ross, Pharrell Williams and The Game.

On the music side, Barker is said to be producing a remix for a track for The Game called “Dope Boys,” which is set to appear on the rapper’s forthcoming album, Los Angeles Times (LAX).

The drummer is also working on tracks for Paul Wall’s next album.