Lil WayneDespite 50 Cent taking several shots at him, Lil Wayne doesn’t want any part of a beef with the G-Unit rapper.

In the past, 50 had called Lil Wayne a “whore” for the countless features he’s done with other artists, crediting the exposure to his rise in popularity. He even dissed him on a track called “Part-Time Lover,” where he called out the Cash Money kid for kissing the label’s founder, Birdman.

However, Wayne isn’t falling into the trap. In a recent interview with Blender, Weezy said he’d actually like to thank 50 for all the attention, crediting him for helping him become hot.

“Man, I have to call him and say thank you. He’s catapulted me,” he told the mag. “N****, white people know me now! Thank you! Diss rhyme? F*** no! That n**** thrives off that. I am not feeding that tiger. I’m smart.”

Lil Wayne even goes on to admit that he’s intimidated by the G-Unit founder’s size, admitting that he — being small in stature — cannot match 50 physically.

“Do you see his size? I’m small,” said Wayne. “I saw a YouTube video of this dude playing a concert; somebody threw water on him — he took off his hat, went in the crowd, grabbed that n**** and boom! I was like, ‘This n****’s the hardest n**** on planet Earth. So, no, I’m not dissing 50. And I’m not throwing water on him, neither.”

Although he seems to be backing down, which is usually a no-no in the world of hip-hop, it hasn’t affect Wayne’s buzz whatsoever. Over the past month, he’s enjoyed the no. 1 spot on MTV’s “TRL” and had topped the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for the first time in his career for his single “Lollipop.”

Later in the interview, the rapper comments on his long-rumored drug use. While he admitted to using cocaine, he said he won’t do it any longer.

“I don’t do too many,” Wayne replied when asked what drug he’d never do again. “I just smoke weed and drink sip. But I’ll never f*** with no more coke. It’s not about a bad high, it’s just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out, and I’m a pretty boy.”

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