twista5Chicago rapper Twista is gearing up for the first release off his recently launched Get Money Gang (GMG) label, which will be the long-awaited Speedknot Mobstaz album, Mobstability II: Nation Bizness.

The album follows the group’s 1998 debut release, Mobstability, which produced the single “In Your World,” and went on to sell over 700,000 copies.

So far, the new album’s first single, “Money To Blow,” has been getting burn on both MTV Jams and radio. And the members promise fans will get a real street album, free of ringtone rap gimmicks.

“No lie, this album is on some real street sh**, none of that ringtone sh**,” said member, Liffy Stokes. “This music we’re putting out is for the everyday hustla on the grind. Its been a long time coming for me and the crew, now that everything is in place we can finally give the fans what they want.”

In support of the upcoming release, Twista and the Speedknot Mobstaz recently accepted an offer to perform on the Rock The Vote Tour, scheduled to hit over 20 cities throughout the United States.

In addition to the Speedknot Mobstaz, Twista revealed that he plans to introduce more Get Money Gang artists in due time.

“Expect to hear real music coming from the heart of the Chi. I am dedicated to making this GMG label a movement first in Chicago, then nationwide,” said Twista. “If you got real talent and about getting money, then you got a spot at my label.”