2008-05-12 Suge Knight knocked outEveryone’s heard by now, Suge got knocked out in front of Los Angeles’ Shag nightclub Saturday night (May 10), but more details have surfaced since the news broke over the weekend.

Sources revealed to BallerStatus.com that the incident did go down as widely reported — Knight got into an argument over money with an unnamed man, who was then attacked by Knight and his associates. However, the man who left the most feared man in the industry unconscious on the sidewalk was not the victim of the attack, but rather another man caught filming the fight.

An eyewitness said that Knight became furious when he realized a man was filming the incident with his cell phone, so he grabbed the man in a headlock in an attempt to confiscate the phone, but he broke free and fled.

Minutes later, that same man pulled in front of the nightclub, opened his trunk, grabbed an unknown object — one witness told us it was a tire iron — and struck the Death Row Records founder in the back of the head while he wasn’t looking.
(Update: The man responsible for the knockout has since stated several times, he used no weapon.)

Knight immediately dropped to the ground and was rendered unconscious for nearly 10 minutes, while a woman and others tried to revive him.

The female left the scene and returned in an SUV, pulling in front of the nightclub, crashing into several cars. When Knight finally awoke, he was ushered into the SUV and driven to a nearby hospital where he was treated.

He suffered a very deep gash in the back of his head, said the witness. However, it’s not immediately known what the extent of his injuries are.

Police arrived at the hospital shortly after Knight, but he refused to cooperative with police or file a report. Knight has since said he will handle the incident “internally.”