2008-05-11 Suge Knight fleeing the scene.Suge Knight was reportedly knocked out cold outside Los Angeles’ Shag nightclub on Saturday (May 10), but there’s more to it.

According to a report from TMZ.com, the former Death Row Records CEO got into an argument with an unnamed man, apparently over money. The argument got heated, resulting in Suge and his entourage beating the man to the ground.

However, during the scuffle, the unnamed man landed a right hook to Suge’s chin, knocking him unconscious.

Witnesses say Knight was out cold for nearly three minutes on the pavement, before awakening and stumbling over to an SUV, where he was driven away from the scene.

Suge (real name: Marion Knight) was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police arrived at the hospital shortly after, but said Suge was uncooperative and refused to file a police report.