Rick RossA tiger recently bit its trainer on the set of Rick Ross’ new video, “Here I Am,” featuring Nelly.

According to news show Decor Drive, a white tiger was on set to play Ross’ pet, but when the trainer tried to coax the cat out of its cage, he got irritated and bit him. Crew members said the tiger had gotten tangled up in its chain, and fell, angering the cat, resulting in the trainer calf being bitten.

“The trainer went and tried to help [the cat], but he grabbed him by the tail,” said crew member Cesar Chacon. “The tiger didn’t like it, so he turned around and bit the trainer’s leg. It was some action right there. We’ve never seen stuff like that before.

“It just bit him through both sides. It was a pretty bad bite,” he continued.

Despite suffering the bite wound, the trainer lured the white tiger back in his cage before receiving any medical attention.  The trainer was treated by paramedics, and was able to walk away on his own, the news show reported.

The film crew, extras and Rick Ross were safe and unharmed. It also took place before Nelly arrived on set.