2008-05-09 DMX mug shotFollowing his Tuesday (May 6) arrest for speeding, DMX was arrested again on Friday (May 9) on suspicion of drug possession and animal cruelty, following a seven-month investigation where police discovered 12 pitbulls, described as “distressed,” during raids of his Arizona home.

According to reports, the rapper (real name: Earl Simmons) barricaded himself in his bedroom when officers arrived at his home for the arrest at 3 a.m., but eventually surrendered without resistance.

Authorities originally raided the 37-year-old rapper’s home back in August 2007 after an anonymous tip came in, saying that dogs housed at his Arizona home were at risk due to extreme heat at the time.

During the raid, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies seized 12 pitbulls, and an unknown number of weapons. It was later learned that a half-pound of powdery substance also found was cocaine.

At first, the rapper’s attorney, Murray Richman, blamed X’s caretaker for the negligence of the dogs, stating that the rapper “loves” them. Later, however, authorities discovered the carcasses of three pitbulls, all of which seemed to have been abused — two has serious bite wounds, while one was badly burned.

According to Reuters, an indictment was issued on seven counts of animal cruelty, after the August raid. Police staged Friday’s raid to arrest DMX on charges from their initial investigation. This time, they also found unspecified illegal drugs and five more pitbull puppies, which they removed from the house.

“With all his money and fame, (DMX) has no excuse for not providing proper care for his animals,” Sheriff Joe Arpaio told Reuters.

It has also come to knowledge that DMX pleaded guilty in New Jersey to animal cruelty charges in 2002 for neglecting some 13 pitbulls. As part of his sentence, he was required to make a public service announcement against animal abuse.