50 CentThe man who was videotaped snatching 50 Cent’s chain at a concert in Angola, Africa on Wednesday (April 30) was arrested on Sunday (May 4) for his role in the incident.

According to the Angola Press, Bruno Carvalho was turned in by his parents, and will face criminal charges.

The incident made its way to the internet over the weekend, in which it showed 50 Cent performing at the International Peace Festival in Luanada, Angola.

In the two minute clip, a man in a yellow t-shirt is seen leaping onto the front of the stage where the rapper is performing, grabs 50’s chain, and dashes through the crowd.

Security and 50 Cent himself immediately jumped into the crowd in an effort to catch the man, but to no avail.

Police caught up with Carvalho days later.

50 Cent has yet to comment on the incident.