Three 6 MafiaHard work is usually the cause of most success in business, music, or athletics. On the other hand, how many people have you seen work hard and never become critically acclaimed? Every once in a while people need a break or even a stroke of luck to raise their status in society. Grammys and Oscars have altered many careers and the Oscar made Three 6 Mafia household names in one sentence beginning with, “And the Oscar goes too…”

Since that historic moment for underdogs, Three 6 has been involved in more high-profile projects including “Adventures in Hollywood,” more pop albums, and found time to shoot more underground movies that follow-up their successful Choices series. DJ Paul and Juicy J have remained hungry and the doors opened by the Oscar have allowed them more ways to make money and make new friends.

It’s been a full year since “Doe Boy Fresh” hit airwaves as the single that dropped right after their Oscar win. Their album, Last 2 Walk, had to be pushed back in order for them to make way for other projects, such as Project Pat’s album, in addition to Hollywood responsibilities. However, the duo is ready to hit the music scene the only way they know how, and during the excitement leading to their album dropping, DJ Paul and Juicy J found time to talk with

Three 6 Mafia: Yo! What up. Man, I’m good. What you promoting these days?

DJ Paul: Uhhhh… damn (to monitor) what we doing?

(Monitor answers)

DJ Paul: Aw, we promoting the album, the Last 2 Walk, coming June 24th. You heard the single? Which one? You dropped like three for album since last year.

DJ Paul: The new one with DJ Unk. Oh, yeah, they just sent that to me today. How did you end up getting that going?

DJ Paul: We been knowing Unk for a while, but the team really hooked it up though. It’s a party song for the clubs, a summer song, a par-ty anthem… While we’re talking singles, “Dope Boy Fresh” and “Like Money” dropped over a year ago. Why was the album pushed back so many times?

DJ Paul: We were doing a lot of filming, so we wanted to go back and re-visit the album and we just recorded the whole thing over. Since you’ve won the Oscar, the swagger seemed to increase. Did you feel like you had to become “more hood?”

DJ Paul: Nah, we just did what we do. It’s the same like when we first started. We did the same sh** that sold millions of copies back in the day. What’s the creative process for crunk music?

DJ Paul: We drunk and take it from there.

Juicy J: Yeah! (We) get high!

DJ Paul: Watch out now. This You can speak your mind. Oscars come with friends, so who else is on the album?

DJ Paul: Believe it or not Good Charlotte, Akon, Lyfe Jennings, 8 Ball & MJG, UGK… I understand the Southern features. But where did the Good Charlotte come from?

DJ Paul: Good Charlotte actually made the track with Nelly’s producer, Jay E. They made a gangsta-ass track and let us hear it. We heard it and jumped out it. Are you thinking about letting that song for a single?

DJ Paul: Yeah, it’s probably gone be a single. It’s my favorite song on the album. When everybody hear the album, they say that’s their favorite song. When you won the Oscar, did you feel like, “We got to get the Grammy’s next?”

DJ Paul: Nah man, we want whatever we can get. If we get a good Sprite can, we’ll be happy. I always got the cereal box with the prize on the inside, but when I went looking for the prize I never found it.

Juicy J: We don’t wake up in the morning and say, “We got to win a Grammy or anything like that.” It’s always when you don’t expect it is when it happens. So we just make good music and whatever they vote on, that’s what we’ll take.

DJ Paul: When they called us and told us we was nominated for an Oscar, I didn’t know what an Oscar was. I had to do some research and I realized, “Man, this some big sh**!” It still ain’t really hit me yet. Next, what did the Oscar do for your income?

DJ Paul: A whole lot. I actually got less money after the Oscar. How is that?

DJ Paul: I’ve been spending more money cause I’ve been making more money. I’m back broke. But in this case it’s not bad because that’s how you get your hustle up. How has it affected the way people approach you for work and the prices?

DJ Paul: Depends on the person. Prices vary on whether we know the person or not. They pay with cash, check, money order, brown paper bag, plastic bag, I.O.U. So who has production credits from Three 6 Mafia these days?

DJ Paul: We did two for the new Ludacris album and Dolla from Akon’s label. Too many to remember. Earlier you said that you go to the studio and get drunk for the process. Is that same for you when you record with someone like Christina Milian or Justin Timberlake?

DJ Paul: Yeah, if not more. We go to the studio and do what we do. It’s not really a difference with the artists. They’re usually professionals and you just want to get it right when you’re working with them. They write big checks! What’s the biggest difference between country women and Hollywood women?

DJ Paul: Hollywood has a lot of vegetarians. That’s f***ed up when you take them back the house huh?

DJ Paul: Nah, that’s why you have different hoes in different area codes. The group started with six members, but some parted with different opinions at various times. Do you speak with former members of the group?

DJ Paul: We tried to call them, but they changed the numbers on us. Nah, I’m just playing. We don’t talk; we ain’t talked in years.