Nino BlessKool G Rap affiliate, Nino Bless, is gearing up for his first street album, after the strong response of a recently leaked posse track called “3rd Degree” featuring Saigon and Crooked I.

The upcoming release, titled Untold Scriptures, will be 19 tracks in length and feature guest spots from the likes of Styles P, Joe Budden, Kool G Rap, Joell Ortiz and Grafh, among others, while production credits include Aftermath’s Focus and Scram Jones.

“I put this together like an album with 19 joints — and the majority of them are full length records,” the rapper said of his first release. “So far, the response has been dope. At this moment I have to keep it going and I think this is a good representation of what I can bring to the table.”

While this is his first project, Nino isn’t stopping. He plans to release another project at the end of this year as well, revealing a collaborative effort with West Coast spitter Crooked I.

“Crooked I and myself are setting up to drop a mixtape towards the end of the year,” he revealed. “Dow Jones from Tha Bizness is going to chip in with some beats and help put the project together along with somebody else. We ain’t sure who yet, but it’ll be from the east coast.”

Untold Scriptures is slated for release May 20 online for free, while a Limited Edition set will hit stores as well.

A tracklisting for the the album is as follows:

“Intro” (produced by Veterano)
“Da Livest” (produced by Yes Sur)
“Peep Game” (Freestyle)
“Times Are Hard” ft. Joe Budden (produced by Focus)
“My Piano” (Freestyle)
“Means Of Survival” (produced by Scram Jones)
“Going In” (Freestyle) ft. Grafh
“Name Dropping” (produced by Sivey)
“3rd Degree” ft. Saigon and Crooked I (produced by Scram Jones)
“When It Rains” (Freestyle)
“Urban Legends” (produced by Veterano)
“Ever So Subtle” (produced by Gunz N Butter)
“Cause Of Influence” (Nick’s Story) (produced by Veterano)
“Blame It On Hip-Hop” (Freestyle)
“4 In The Clip” ft. Joell Ortiz, Styles P & Kool G Rap (produced by Veterano)
“Bright Lights” (Freestyle)
“Won’t Change” (produced by Frado)
“Going In Pt. 2” (Freestyle)
“My Story” (produced by Blackout Movement)