Yung Berg

Yung BergYung Berg, the Yung Boss, who brought you the summer banger “Sexy Lady” and the hit record featuring Ray J called “Sexy Can I” is back, but this time he’s much older, more established and he has a new album on the way called Look What You Made Me.

When he first came on the scene, he had just dropped his EP, Almost Famous that sold 125,000 copies and one million in ringtones. Today Berg not only writes and produces the material for his new album, but he ghostwrites and produces material for rappers, R&B artists and other genres too. He is currently writing for R&B sensation Ciara. When he’s not touring, writing and producing for himself and others, Berg can be found playing CEO of his label Yung Boss Imprint.

Let’s get familar with the youngster from the Chi. Where are you and what are you doing right now?

Yung Berg: I just landed in Atlanta to do the “Sexy Can I” tour featuring my boy Ray J, so we about to get ready for the show. How do you feel about rappers who don’t write their own lyrics and have someone like Da Brat write their lyrics?

Yung Berg: If you are a rapper and you don’t write your own lyrics, you’re an ass. If you are an R&B singer and you have someone write your lyrics, then that’s acceptable. Your Yung Boss Imprint is that your label, right? Who’s on your label?

Yung Berg: Yeah Yung Boss Imprint is my label. On my label is myself, the first lady Casha, 100 Grand, Cap One, Tony Loco, JFK and Rob Holiday. You recently dropped a mixtape with Clinton Sparks called Deal Or No Deal. How did that collabo come about?

Yung Berg: I always enjoyed Clinton’s tapes and his whole movement, so once I got my deal, I told my manager I wanted to holla at him. Before you know it, we got the music and production together and laced the streets up. What’s the difference between your EP Almost Famous and Look What You Made Me?

Yung Berg: There is no really big difference, except the fact that I have grown. I’m just more comfortable. I got my set up right and my looks right. I got my new street single, “Do That There,” popping in the clubs crazy and on TV crazy. I got the no. 1 record with Ray J right now and now I am putting out my smash, “The Business.” So I feel like my set up is better and people know me a little more. And you are on tour right now, correct?

Yung Berg: We are on tour right now and it’s called the “Sexy Can I” tour. Me and my boy Ray J are going everywhere, so hide your daughter, hide your niece, hide your mother and hide your woman. We are looking forward to going on tour with Snoop Dogg in the future. Who are you listening to right now?

Yung Berg: Me, The Dream, Rick Ross and Ray J’s album. Who are some of your influences?

Yung Berg: Jay-Z, Nas, Big, Pac, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Timabaland, Kanye and Just Blaze. When you with a chick do your play your music?

Yung Berg: Nah, I play my R&B because I write R&B. I got an R&B joint on my album called “Out of Space” that’s just me singing the whole song. It ain’t no “Sexual Seduction” type song, it is a real R&B record. What should we expect from Look What You Made Me?

Yung Berg: Expect big sounding records produced by three young dudes. It’s a blessing to be able to make a record that can sound just as big or bigger than a Kanye record. I got Trey songs on the album, Lloyd’s on the album… every song on my album is a single. I got Amerie, Casha, Eve and Collie Buddz on the album. It’s just a lot of good music. What’s going to set Yung Berg apart from everybody else?

Yung Berg: There is nobody in the game writing and producing at the capacity I am and at the age level I am. Name me one motherf***er that’s 22 years old that’s producing their own hit records, and producing and writing for other people as well — R&B, rap, other genres. I been ghostwriting raps for people. My rap swag is on auto pilot. When you check the credits on an album and you see it’s produced by me, Rob Holiday and JFK, then that sets us apart without me having to say sh** else. There is nobody in my age range f***ing with me period. Anybody 22 and under cannot f*** with me, so kiss my ass. Is there anything you would like to add?

Yung Berg: Anyone 22 and under, you are not in my league. Hang it up. Go put on your college uniform and pledge a fraternity and do something with yourself because rapping and this music thang is not for you.