T.I.T.I. recently released some of his first new music since finishing his legal issues, and sparked some conversation between fans online, with lines directed towards fellow Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo.

While he admits, while speaking with MTV recently, that there are some references to the rapper on the new track “No Matter What,” he explains that the song, in its entirety, is not about the D4L member.

“I don’t think [there are] as many references as people think,” T.I. told MTV.

On the track, T.I. directly references one of Lo’s catchphrases, “Let’s get, get, get it” from his hit single “Dey Know.” According to the King of the South, he was only retaliating for what he says have been ongoing subliminal jabs from the rapper.

On T.I.’s new track, he spits, “[I] set the standard in Atlanta of how to ‘get, get, get it’ / So you up-and-coming rappers wanna dis, just kill it / I’m officially the realest, point-blank, period.”

However, there’s another few lines that really caused talk among fans: “They couldn’t wait to say, ‘Good night, shawty’ / So they could try to rhyme, act and look like shawty / Go get a beat from Toomp and make a hook like shawty / Before you know it, I’m back / What it look like, shawty?”

Despite using the word “shawty” several times throughout that verse, T.I. tells MTV that it’s not about his ATL peer.

“Just because I say ‘shawty’ — anybody who holds a conversation with me knows that ‘shawty’ is just in my vocabulary,” T.I. told the network. “I wasn’t speaking to him throughout the record. I was speaking on people who took shots at me when I was down. He wasn’t the only one; he was among the most consistent. But I’m focused on a greater goal. I’m not trippin’ on that. Dude, that’s not what’s on my mind. I said what I had to say, and that’s it. Whoever don’t like it, so what?”

Despite an obvious minor rivalry, T.I. explained that beef is not what he’s looking for at all, saying “I’m too old for that sh**.”

His next album, Paper Trail, is slated for release in late July or early August, according to MTV, and he plans to leak more tracks in the coming months.