Lil WayneLil Wayne is on fire right now. He sits at no. 1 on both the “TRL” video countdown and on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart for “Lollipop.”

While it’s definitely a peak in his career, he doesn’t seemed too fazed by it all. Instead, his friends and family are more excited than he is, according to what Weezy told MTV on Monday (April 28).

“I don’t feel like nothing,” he said. “I feel like I ain’t got nowhere yet. I ain’t do nothing yet, actually. But I’m trying to live off everybody’s happiness.”

But, at first, he didn’t believe that he topped “TRL.” Upon hearing about it, he told the channel, “I don’t believe I have the no. 1 video on ‘TRL.’ … Guess what? If I am there, and if I’m not there, I will be there. If I am there, I’m staying there, and I’ll come back with something better to put on top of that. I love ya’ll.”

The single is so hot right now that it’s spawned countless freestyles from several rappers over the beat, as well as a remix with Young Jeezy, which he revealed is actually an unofficial version.

However, he loved it. “That’s not the official remix, but Jeezy is real crazy,” Wayne said. “I love that one.”

There will be an official remix coming though. It will be Wayne’s first remix ever, he claims, but did not reveal the featured artist just yet. He tells MTV it will leak two weeks before his album drops.

“We gonna put out the official remix two weeks before the album comes out,” he said. “Also, you know I don’t do no remixes. This is kinda like a first for that too. You never heard a ‘Go DJ’ remix or a ‘Hustler Music’ remix or a ‘Block Is Hot’ remix. This is the first remix. The person we picked to put on there, he told me something about the verse. He said this was the first song to make him wanna jump on a song again after a certain situation. I took that into consideration and said, ‘This is the one we wanna run with.’ ”

While “Lollipop” continues its run on radio and the charts, his other track, “A Millie,” is becoming one of the hottest tracks on the internet and mixtape circuit. Weezy knows it and says he plans to shoot a video for it.

He also revealed that there will be several version of “A Millie” on Tha Carter III, each created by young artists who will give their own interpretations of it — including Tyga, Corey Gunz, Hurricane Chris and Lil Mama, as well as his new 13-year-old artist Lil Chucky.

Aside from those guests, Jay-Z and Ludacris are also expected to appear.

The album is due out June 10.